Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pardon me, s'cuse me, comin' thru!

We now inturrupt the progress of your regularly scheduled blog post with something REALLY COOL!

Big news! Big news! Remember when I said there was a big upgrade in my future???

The Dream...
The Reality!!!


The reality is better than any dream!!!

Today, I became the proud owner mother to a brand new, bouncing baby Vespa!!
You guys, I am SO stoked!!!
Lots more info and pictures to follow for sure! I'm just so excited I had to tell you right away, I couldn't keep my secret any more!

Ok, now I have to calm down and go get back to some stitching! I didn't get anything done last night because I was so excited, and today was spent picking up my baby, getting her home safe, showing her the town and polishing her with a diaper!

Keepin' the shiny side up!


Linda B said...

Congratulations! You new baby is definitely something to be excited about:)

Maija said...

Congrats!! That is so much fun!!!
I love the stitching to go with it!!!

Jill said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! She's beautiful! Oh, there is sooo much fun to be had on that Vespa! I can just picture you tootlin' round town! Congrats!

my cup of tea said...

Wow! I cant believe you stitched a Vespa on your 39 blocks! How cool is that!!!! You are a true artiest my friend! *clap-clap!*

Hootie said...

Such a proud mama! :)

I haven't commented lately on your stitching, but it's all SO AWESOME!!!!

You are making me want to take up embroidery again. How do you get all your creations done? Do you sleep? Do you have some kind of a time machine which stops time? I would love to know your secret!

Happy Monday! :)

Angela McRae said...

A Vespa! OK, I am soooo jealous! You are officially the coolest blogger I know! You go girl!


Sooo Cool,...Please be careful.

beedeebabee♥ said...

OMG, you lucky girl!!! ...and don't you just look TOTALLY cool on that pretty thing! Now be careful, no speeding, always were your helmet AND HAVE LOTS OF FUN riding all around!!! (Make believe I just threw you some lucky change!...I don't know why, but whenever someone gets a new "ride" we always throw in some lucky coins!) xo's Paulette ;)