Thursday, March 18, 2010

I feel lucky, oh so lucky!

Paulette is awesome you guys. Paulette had an amazing giveaway to celebrate reaching 200 followers (because she's awesome). I was one of the lucky winners in her fabulous giveaway! Paulette's work is flawless. No, I'm not exaggerating, it is. Go look, you will be floored. I was floored the very first time I stumbled into her blog last summer. I've been dazzled ever since. I admire her stitching so much, and that's not all. I feel blessed to call this lady a friend, she really has the kindest heart and most genourous nature. She's been so helpful and forthcoming about her technique and sources, always willing to share and give advice. We should all be so lucky to have a friend like her.
I'm sure she's blushing furiously at this point! But Paulette my dear, you are a dream!

Let's go over the goodies, shall we?

Oh my!
Pictures do not convey the perfection of this little needle book. Every detail, every stitch... perfect!

Oh my goodness!
This color of this floss is so yummy! It's cotton candy, it's sherbert, it's blue skies and kool-aid.

Oh my goodness gracious!
This tea cup is so adorable. It's the softest green and it's generous, it will be filled to the brim with tea shortly.

Oh my good golly graciousness!
Isn't this pendant great?!? Paulette MADE this!!! I'm wearing it tomorrow!

Good Lord, is that chocolate?!?
I didn't think this day could get any better, but it just got nine times sweeter!

Thanks again Paulette!! I hope my name always appears at the top of the hat!


BeautifulDees said...

I am in awe at her beautiful work. You are so lucky. I love her.
I need to get in on the contests.

Jill said...

OMGosh. I can't breath. Really. This is such a great giveaway! That little book is so sweet-- and the nest brooch... well, you know I love a nest. I can't believe she made that- it's incredible! Congratulations, Lisa!

beedeebabee♥ said...

OMG!!! I AM blushing furiously! My goodness Lisa, I absolutely didn't deserve all this, and your compliments are waaaay too kind! ... I'm so beyond flattered! I'm so happy we met, and that we've become friends. You're as sweet as can be, and way talented (I still can't believe you've only just started to're sooo good at it!!!), you're so full of life, and always so fun! I just love visiting here!!! Sending you a BIG hug!!! This is such a beautiful post! Thank you, thank you! xoxo's Paulette ;) ... Did you embroidery that table cloth? It's so pretty!!!

parTea lady said...

That certainly was a wonderful giveaway!

Vintage Sandy said... are one lucky lady to have won Paulette's giveaway she is beyond talented and like you said a really nice lady Congrats wish it would have been me but happy it was you!!

my cup of tea said...

You lucky chick! LOL
What a wonderful gift!!