Monday, March 15, 2010

14th Square

Happy Monday Ladies!
Did anyone have a bit of a rough go this morning, the first day back to work after the time chage? I struggle. A morning person, I am not.

Here's my 14th square in the stitch~a~long, a dainty little fan... which I was in need of this morning when I opened my email and found a note from Paulette asking to visit her blog. Paulette is a WONDERFUL stitcher and craftswoman, if you haven't already visited her blog or her Etsy shop, you really need to. She's ama-ma-ma-mazing!! Her stictches are absolute perfection. I think she's magic. Where was I going with this...? Oh!! I won her giveaway!!!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, that's right, woohoo -- picture me sitting at my desk doing the Cabbage Patch and you'll have a pretty good idea of what a dork I am right now :o)~ Oh yes! I'm thrilled! I'm a big fan of Beedeebabee! Thanks Paulette!!! Yeeheehee... as far as I'm concerned, all Mondays from here on out need to start by finding out that you've won something as special as this... it really gets the day off to a dandy start!
Oh, back to the squares... I also went back last night and added a second puffy cloud. Much better, no?

Have a great day everyone!!


Kathy said...

The fan is beautiful. Which stitches did you use?

Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Kathy~
No one has ever asked me this question before so I thought I'd answer it here.

I used the blanket stitch in the shape of a fan to form the fan itself, then filled in with a combination of straight stitches and french knots. I thought the fan looked a little flat across the top, so I went in and made little grabby-type stitches at the top of each section of the fan, like you would when you secure a lazy daisy. That's all really...

Also, I don't think you can really tell in the picture, but there are 4 different colors of purple/lavender floss used in this square.

Hope that answers your question, thanks for stopping by!

Kathy said...

Thanks Lisa! I am using the 39 Squares project to improve my stitching knowledge and skills so I appreciate the information. I had clicked on your picture to try to analyze the stitches but I would not have guessed the blanket stitch as one of the stitches. Also, I think that using the 4 colors of purple/lavender really added to the beauty of the fan.

Jill said...

Wow-- what a great square! I love all the different stitches. I really need to get an embroidery book so I can learn some new stitches!
Oh- I told my BFF, Krista, about your fun blog and your awesome stitching and now she's following you too!

Candace said...

Congrats, Lisa.
I love Paulette's beadeebabee blog too. Wow, this embroidery is super duper. I love to embroider -- or did. LOL. I am just now getting back into it this year.
That work is seriously lovely. Thanks for sharing.

ros said...

The Vespa is just the best!

beedeebabee♥ said...

OMG, I'm as red as a beet after reading all that, Sweet Pea! You make me sound way better than I really am! xoxo

Your fan is amazing! I can see all the different colors and pretty stitches, and it has such a lacy look too. I love it...and that fluffy extra cloud too!!!

Sending a big hug!
Paulette xoxo