Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stitchers Block

Morning Everyone~
Have you ever sat down to start on a project, but then you just couldn't do it? That was me last night... I had the whole house to myself, three episodes of Dancing With The Stars to catch up on, room to stretch, knew what I wanted to stitch, even have it all sketched out. Just couldn't do it...
I felt like this picture looks, blurry and confused...

I got nothing done. Zip, zero, zilch.

Lola didn't mind...
This might also explain why there always seems to be an errant pet hair in my macro photos.

After three and a half hours of doing nothing but staring at my squares, it was bedtime. This might have been the laziest night I can recount in... months? On a positive note, I'm all caught up on DWTS. Wow, Shannon Doherty... wouldn't have thought she'd be the first one to go... even though she was God awful... Do you guys watch Dancing With The Stars? I love it... it's a secret obsession. Don't tell anyone, ok? :o)~

Ok, so I'll try again tonight, hopefully my stitchers block is over.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something Entirely New

Hi Girls~
Nope, no squares today...sad isn't it? Saturday, Sunday and Monday turned out to be a bust for sittin' & stitchin', but I did get to gab for hours with the bunco girls, see a Sharks game in San Jose and take another sewing class! We like to stay busy roud here, hehe... Also, I did map out the rest of my squares for the 35 Squares project, I only have 10" left!! I still have certain things that I wanted to include, so I sketched them out so as not to forget any. Tomorrow I'll have new squares for you, promise!

Today I thought I'd share something with you that I'm brand spanking new at, but starting to like the idea of more and more... quilting! As some of you know, my husband Sean bought me a beautiful new sewing machine for Christmas this year, and I'm bound and determined to use that little baby! I've been signing up and taking a few classes at our local JoAnn's store. They offer a variety of classes, but mostly I've been interested in sewing and quilting.

Here are the results from Quilting 101.
Not too shabby, aye? I made this block in class.
The block on the left was from class, the block on the right I made here at home.

We started with three fat quarters.

Of course I chose three obnoxiously bright colors. The instructor said she liked the combination and that it was a "departure" from a lot of what she sees a lot of beginner quilting students pick, hehehe... I hope that "departure" is a good thing! Anyway, I like what I like, so yay for obnoxious-ness!

Uh oh... see what I did? She warned me about this. I used the wrong side of the green fabric on the triangle squares when I made my second block. I don't think you'll be able to tell when I'm done...
See? Barely discernable. I hope.

Sew... I have enough left over from the fat quarters to make one more block. When I've finished I'm going to use some light interfacing and a coordnating fabric to back them and make a small runner for my coffee table. I'm actually going to finish this project in another class from JoAnn's. I want to learn to use a bias tape maker and finish the edges in a contrasting fabric. The instructor from my sewing class (not the quilting instructor... I think she quit) said she'd teach me how to do that. I'll definitely show you guys pictures when I'm finished.

I'm kind of excited about this guys! Figuring out how to make the blocks is a bit of a challenge, but the actual sewing part is pretty straight forward. I don't know how often I'd do it, but I like the thought of making quilts for the peeps I love.

I wasn't going to post this until my project was completely done, I actually took this quilting class about a month ago, but then I saw this yesterday and was inspired to share and get moving on this project again.
If you haven't seen this, check it out, it's really cool. If these dudes can do it, sew can I!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

24th & 25th Squares

Mmm... Mint & chip! It's my very most favoritest ice cream. What's yours??

I love Saturday mornings! It's so nice to be able to wake up easy and lounge around, have some coffee, play with my dogs, cuddle with Sean on the couch. But today I need to get moving, because I'm a...wait for it...
Busy Bee!
(Teeheehee! I'm such a dork.)

It's been a while since I showed you guys a progress shot of the entire sampler, so here's a new one I snapped this morning, squares 1 through 25.

It's supposed to be a lovely 71 degrees this afternoon, the sun is shining, the skies are blue and there's no wind. A perfect day for some scootin! I'm going to go to the bead shop to find a chain for my new necklace, then while I'm in that neighborhood, I think I'll swing thru the DMV and practice the motorcycle course a few times before I take my M1 behind-the-wheel test. Then scoot on by the market for some scone ingredients to take with me to Bunco tonight.

Hope you all have a great day!

Friday, March 26, 2010

21st, 22nd & 23rd Square

Hello~hello Lovies!

Did ja miss me? I missed you! For the last three days I've been away on business and I haven't worked a single stitch of embroidery, had any tea, ridden my beautiful new scooter or talked to any of you! How sad!!

My trip to Corona was very productive, the gal who I was training was a smart cookie and super sweet person, so that part went swimmingly. I was too chicken to attempt taking an embroidery kit on the plane... I don't travel by plane very often so I know I'm late to the party on this one, but did you know they make you throw that stuff away right there at the gate? How rude. I'm glad I didn't take anything though, there was a man on my flight to Corona who lost his wine opener (he'd been here on vacation and we have a lot of wineries in the area) and a couple of items from his attache case. So I'm glad I didn't try, I wouldn't want to lose my needles and scissors...but on the other hand my time at the hotel was majorly boring!

Needless to say, I was eager to get back in the game and play catch up with my squares, last night I sat myself down and managed three of them, so without further delay- here we go!!

Square 21~
Now... I know this looks like a Christmas wreath, but its not. It was spposed to look more like this...

Hehe... not even close. Hahahaha! I'm such a putz! I see now that not only is mine the wrong shape, but I also put the ribbon in the wrong place. Oh dear... And this was my second attempt! I snipped the first one out. Oh well, I love Christmas...

Square 22~
I think mushrooms are the best. Fairies live under mushrooms, they look like little gnome hats and sometimes giant, snarky, hookah smoking catapillars sit on top of them. Yup, I like mushrooms, especially when they are sauteed with butter and green onions!

Square 23~
This flower was an accident. This square started out as a cluster of grapes (which I will attempt again soon) I blended my floss colors and set about making a couple of tiny french knots, and I don't know if it was my fingers or my tired eyes or the fact that it was 1:00am, but it just wasn't working the way I wanted it to, so I just said the heck with it and added some big yellow lazy daisys petals, a stem and a couple of leaves and made a wacky looking sunflower. Viola!

Not bad for a night of stitching, we'll see what I can get accomplished tonight...

Thank you again for your comments and compliments, you girls are awesome! Swear, I'm going to develop a big head! But honestly, I LOVE hearing from you, feedback makes me happy!



Monday, March 22, 2010

19th & 20th Square

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today is the first Monday of Spring, so that makes it better, right? Right? Sorry for the delay in stitchy postings over the weekend, I didn't do any embroidery until last night as I was a little consumed with me new baby (see previous post). I did two squares last night to make up, so let's jump right in, shall we?

Square 19- Here kitty~kitty! This is my cat Egypt. He's my old man, I've had the pleasure of his company for 14 years. He's a sweet old dude. When I first brought my little fish tank home he would lay next to it on the desk and watch the fish swim around for hours. He never tried to get into it, he just liked to watch. Kitty TV if you will. I knew when I started this project I wanted to include a kitty square, but I didn't know it would be an Egypt square. Yay Egyie, you're a star buddy!
Egypt still likes to watch the fishies.

Square 20- I will admit it... (shamefully shaking my head) I used a patch. Groooaaan. I know, I'm a terrible cheater, right? But it's so cute, I couldn't help it! Plus it was late, like after midnight late, when I started this square because I had to tear out the first version of the kitty cat and start again, that was about an hour and a half of lost time and I needed to get to bed. Am I forgiven?? Pwease??
I did use a new stitch here that I hadn't done before, and I have to say that even though it's a little bit tricky and I made a couple of mistakes, I am LOVING this stitch and plan to use it more often in the future. The border surrounding the little patch is called a Cable-Chain stitch. Do you guys know this one already? I love it.

Thank you so much for your comments and well wishes with my new Vespa, I couldn't be happier, I think it's just beyond awesome! I don't know how much I'll be able to post the next couple of days, I have to fly to Southern California tomorrow for business and I won't be back until late Wednesday night. Does anyone know if I can take a small emboidery kit in my carry on luggage? Dang, I hope so! I could get a LOT done at the hotel...


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pardon me, s'cuse me, comin' thru!

We now inturrupt the progress of your regularly scheduled blog post with something REALLY COOL!

Big news! Big news! Remember when I said there was a big upgrade in my future???

The Dream...
The Reality!!!


The reality is better than any dream!!!

Today, I became the proud owner mother to a brand new, bouncing baby Vespa!!
You guys, I am SO stoked!!!
Lots more info and pictures to follow for sure! I'm just so excited I had to tell you right away, I couldn't keep my secret any more!

Ok, now I have to calm down and go get back to some stitching! I didn't get anything done last night because I was so excited, and today was spent picking up my baby, getting her home safe, showing her the town and polishing her with a diaper!

Keepin' the shiny side up!

Friday, March 19, 2010

18th Square

Goooood Morning!

Here is my 18th and center square in the stitch-a-long!

In my life, the heart is at the center of all things. If something doesn't feel right on my heart, I'll never be able to rest with it. Likewise if something does feel good on my heart, I know it's the right decision. I live by the Golden Rule, it's so easy and so perfect and encompasses everything. Work, money, relationships, living green, the way you treat people, the way you treat your animals, the way you treat yourself, and even the things you make. I think it's important, and I know it's a busy life we all lead, but simple kindess and courtesey go a long way. Of course it's important to use your noggin, but I let my heart lead the way most times, and I think it's served me pretty well. How 'bout you guys?

Ok, now to the nitty~gritty... I'm not happy with my center square (whining voice) it's not resting on my heart very well... it's crooked and it's shaped a little funny. Hmph! I think I'm going to have to redo it... dang.

Ah well, it's Friday. Plenty of time for stitching this weekend.

T.G.I.F people!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I feel lucky, oh so lucky!

Paulette is awesome you guys. Paulette had an amazing giveaway to celebrate reaching 200 followers (because she's awesome). I was one of the lucky winners in her fabulous giveaway! Paulette's work is flawless. No, I'm not exaggerating, it is. Go look, you will be floored. I was floored the very first time I stumbled into her blog last summer. I've been dazzled ever since. I admire her stitching so much, and that's not all. I feel blessed to call this lady a friend, she really has the kindest heart and most genourous nature. She's been so helpful and forthcoming about her technique and sources, always willing to share and give advice. We should all be so lucky to have a friend like her.
I'm sure she's blushing furiously at this point! But Paulette my dear, you are a dream!

Let's go over the goodies, shall we?

Oh my!
Pictures do not convey the perfection of this little needle book. Every detail, every stitch... perfect!

Oh my goodness!
This color of this floss is so yummy! It's cotton candy, it's sherbert, it's blue skies and kool-aid.

Oh my goodness gracious!
This tea cup is so adorable. It's the softest green and it's generous, it will be filled to the brim with tea shortly.

Oh my good golly graciousness!
Isn't this pendant great?!? Paulette MADE this!!! I'm wearing it tomorrow!

Good Lord, is that chocolate?!?
I didn't think this day could get any better, but it just got nine times sweeter!

Thanks again Paulette!! I hope my name always appears at the top of the hat!

17th Square

Good Morning Folks~
Here is my 17th square, just a simple little thing...
I wanted to do something simple & easy, but with a big (as big as 1 square inch could be!) pop of color. Also, I wanted to do something inspired by my new, and rather tentative intrest in quilting. This square kind of reminds me of a quilt

I'm hoping to complete two squares tonight, I'm a little nervous though, the very next square is also the very center of the 35 squares, so I'm feeling like it needs to be a prominant focal point. I had an inkling of what I wanted to do there, but I don't know exactly how to execute it... wish me luck and stay tuned!

Have a great day darlings!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

16th Square

Top o 'the Morning to Ya & Happy St. Patricks Day!
Why didn't I do a clover?!? Duh... Anyhoo~ here is my 16th square. Just for today, lets pretend it's an Irish Thistle Flower,  like the one above ok? If you kind of squint real hard, it might be a thistle...'cept it's the wrong color, heehee...

This flower was from my book of embroidered flowers...

Books are my friends!
I think the flower in the book is a good deal bigger than mine. It's sometimes a challenge to stay within the scale. These squares are 1"x1" and that's pretty small, not much bigger than the width of your thumb.
I made a few mistakes while stitching this little lady, I hope they don't stand out. This might be the most "techincal" square I've done yet. I've free handed everything so far, but this was an actual copy of something which I find harder than just winging it. There are 8 different types of stitches in this flower, can you see them all?
1. Stem Stitch
2. Buttonhole Stitch
3. Padded Silk Stitch
4. Trellis Stitch
5. Straight Stitch
6. Lazy Daisy Stitch
7. French Knots
8. Bead Stitch
Yup, yup. They're all there, I promise. I hope you guys like it, you've all been SO nice leaving me such uplifting and positive comments here and on Flickr. I think you girls are AWESOME! Although, I have to admit, I'm becoming a little scared I'm going to do something subpar and disapointing. Oh well, what kind of challenge is it if you don't lift the bar, right? I'll keep trying!!
Who's making Corned Beef & Cabbage, because I'll be coming for dinner if you are!
Cheers with green beers!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

15th Square

Good Morning Everyone~
Here is my 15th square. A little feesh. Somthing about the border of square 14 spoke of kelp and underwater plants to me, so I just went with it. I've never drawn a little fishy before, but I think he came out all right. I've got something cute planned for the square directly underneath him, so you'll have to stay tuned!


Thank you all so much for the sweet comments you've been leaving me. Y'all are confidence boosters, that's for sure! I appreciate every single one more than you know. And I'm really enjoying getting to know some of you!

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

14th Square

Happy Monday Ladies!
Did anyone have a bit of a rough go this morning, the first day back to work after the time chage? I struggle. A morning person, I am not.

Here's my 14th square in the stitch~a~long, a dainty little fan... which I was in need of this morning when I opened my email and found a note from Paulette asking to visit her blog. Paulette is a WONDERFUL stitcher and craftswoman, if you haven't already visited her blog or her Etsy shop, you really need to. She's ama-ma-ma-mazing!! Her stictches are absolute perfection. I think she's magic. Where was I going with this...? Oh!! I won her giveaway!!!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, that's right, woohoo -- picture me sitting at my desk doing the Cabbage Patch and you'll have a pretty good idea of what a dork I am right now :o)~ Oh yes! I'm thrilled! I'm a big fan of Beedeebabee! Thanks Paulette!!! Yeeheehee... as far as I'm concerned, all Mondays from here on out need to start by finding out that you've won something as special as this... it really gets the day off to a dandy start!
Oh, back to the squares... I also went back last night and added a second puffy cloud. Much better, no?

Have a great day everyone!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

11th, 12th and 13th Square

Morning Everyone~
Are you ready to "spring forward"?? Personally, I prefer to "fall back" I appreciate that extra hour in the morning... have you already set about moving all your clocks forward one hour? I haven't...I need coffee first :o)~

Who's ready for more squares? Me! Me!

Square 11~ A simple spring leaf

Square 12 & 13 ~ Happy scooter
A little scoot on a sunny day! That's one thing sure to make me happy! I think I'm going to add another little cloud in the upper left of this square. Originally this was only one square (square 13), not two, but after I finished it the last stitch on the scooter, I wanted to give this baby some pavement and sense of motion, so it grew into two squares and now looks just a little off balance. I think another puffy little cloud will solve that. What do you guys think?

So here's where we are so far, I dig this project more every day!!
I have an adorable little scooter, don't think I've ever mentioned it here before, I love it. But... there's an upgrade in my future... I'll share the details soon, but here's a picture of the scooter I have now... isn't she CUTE?!? I could die from the cuteness! This is at the lake near our house. See that factory in the upper right? That's where Sean works, General Mills. If you live in the western half of the United States and you eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch, there's a good chance my husband made it! You're welcome. Heehee.

Sean has a scooter too, we scoot together. It's hecca fun! Summer before last we took the scoots to Yosemite and putzed around. It was awesome! Here's a couple of pictures...

In the truck, easy as you please...
Heck yeah we're about to scoot a National Park!
Of course the guy who offered to take our picture just HAD to get his hog in the shot... punk.
Two scooters were never as happy as these two...

That about wraps up show & tell for today kiddies! It's a beautiful crisp, blue day and I think I'm going to go for a scooter ride!