Sunday, March 14, 2010

11th, 12th and 13th Square

Morning Everyone~
Are you ready to "spring forward"?? Personally, I prefer to "fall back" I appreciate that extra hour in the morning... have you already set about moving all your clocks forward one hour? I haven't...I need coffee first :o)~

Who's ready for more squares? Me! Me!

Square 11~ A simple spring leaf

Square 12 & 13 ~ Happy scooter
A little scoot on a sunny day! That's one thing sure to make me happy! I think I'm going to add another little cloud in the upper left of this square. Originally this was only one square (square 13), not two, but after I finished it the last stitch on the scooter, I wanted to give this baby some pavement and sense of motion, so it grew into two squares and now looks just a little off balance. I think another puffy little cloud will solve that. What do you guys think?

So here's where we are so far, I dig this project more every day!!
I have an adorable little scooter, don't think I've ever mentioned it here before, I love it. But... there's an upgrade in my future... I'll share the details soon, but here's a picture of the scooter I have now... isn't she CUTE?!? I could die from the cuteness! This is at the lake near our house. See that factory in the upper right? That's where Sean works, General Mills. If you live in the western half of the United States and you eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch, there's a good chance my husband made it! You're welcome. Heehee.

Sean has a scooter too, we scoot together. It's hecca fun! Summer before last we took the scoots to Yosemite and putzed around. It was awesome! Here's a couple of pictures...

In the truck, easy as you please...
Heck yeah we're about to scoot a National Park!
Of course the guy who offered to take our picture just HAD to get his hog in the shot... punk.
Two scooters were never as happy as these two...

That about wraps up show & tell for today kiddies! It's a beautiful crisp, blue day and I think I'm going to go for a scooter ride!


Jill said...

OMG! OMG! I LOVE that scooter square! I may have squeeled outloud! It's soooo cute! I love your real scooter too-- so cool! I bet it was an incredible ride through Yosemite-- I rode a bike through the valley once and it was amazing to have a full view of everything. It's one of my favorite Yosemite memories. Today IS a beautiful day for a ride-- enjoy your scooter ride!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hey Lisa! I loved show and tell today!...First your new squares are great. Such a pretty leaf, and the double scooter square scene is amazing! I can't believe you embroidered that scooter! I think it's perfect AND very cool, Lisa! ... Next, how cute are you two with those scooters?!!! Yours is so girly too! I didn't know they came like that! Great pictures Lisa. Too adorable! Hope you're having a fun whirl around town today! xoxo's Paulette

Linda B said...

A SCOOTER! How much fun! I'm going to have to share that with my husband:) I would LOVE to see the sights that way! BTW, your sampler is coming along beautifully. TFS;)

GardenDesigner said...

super SUPERRRRR cute!!!

Gives me inspiration to try to do mine too! (but its a little red motorcycle!! LOL ...)
I love all that you have stitched so far!! It all looks so pretty!!! keep up the great job!!


GardenDesigner said...

Thanks for stoppin by! hee hee !!
I am a new fan!!