Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Bounce

Hi Y'all!
Hey, it's Friday! And boy howdy, it's been one of those weeks! How about we relax with a cocktail?

Going back to some Christmas makings, I bring to the table Vodka Cherry Bounce. Really this goes back to the 4th of July, 2013 because that's when I started this cherry infused vodka. 

Cherry infused vodka? Sounds intriguing, no?
Cherry Bounce Vodka

I was inspired to make the "bounce" after learning about it on Outlander Kitchen. Lacking the original ingredients, sour cherries and whiskey, I used what I had on hand, Rainier cherries and vodka. 

Cherry Bounce Vodka

To a great big jar, I added two pounds of Ranier cherries, about a 1/2 C sugar, and two liters of vodka. Pretty hoochy stuff too, Costco brand. Eeech.

Cherry Bounce Vodka

Once all together in the jar, I gave them a stir and stuck the whole thing in a dark closet for about 5 months, occasionally swishing the liquid around. Now, I'm not going to lie, towards the end it was looking pretty nasty in that jar, I was worried. My husband scared me into thinking I could blind people with this stuff. I did some research and asked some trusted resources who assured me that I could not in fact blind anyone, this isn't moonshine after all.

Cherry Bounce Vodka

To my delight, filtering the bounce (two nights and countless coffee filters) produced a bright, clear liquid devoid of any cherry flotsam. 

Cherry Bounce Vodka

I dressed up a few bottles for Christmas, special gifts for friends who love Outlander as much as I do. Gosh that story... takes my breath away. Are any of you fans? Let's chat! You know Starz is making a series out of it, yes? Everything about the production so far is perfection, I am SO excited. Here's a peek at the trailer!

Turn up your volume a bit, it seems a little low in this video.

Isn't that awesome?? Jamie speaks!

So how was the bounce? Well, I've had it twice. It's uhh... unique. I don't think I could drink it straight (then again, I don't drink any liquor straight, those days have long since past me by), but mixed with some fizzy water, a squeeze of lime and a dash of grenadine, it was pretty tasty. I'm going to try making traditional Cherry Bounce as soon as cherries are available this spring. I bought and set aside a bottle of whiskey last year, so I am ready. Je Suis Prest!

 Je Suis Prest for this weekend, that's for dang sure. Now where's my cocktail?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mollie's Super Simple Stitching Pouch

Hi Everyone!
Happy (belated) New Year! I hope you've all been well! It's been a few weeks since I've been in here, but I've still been lurking in all my favorite blogs keeping up with ya, even if I've been quiet here.

I have some makes still to share from Christmas and I have a few posts lined up to do so, but before I do that, how about a first finish for 2014? This was such a quick project, I have to share it with my stitchy peeps, because I think you'll want to make one, too!

On Monday morning, while enjoying an extra day off for MLK Day, I was perusing my blogroll and read this post by one of my favorites, Wild Olive. This simple hoop holding pouch is one of those sewing projects that pulled me right up off the couch, coffee in hand, straight to my fabric stash and the sewing machine. Less than an hour later and pleased as punch, I had myself  this new little pocket pouch to carry my stitching WIPs in!

I often take stitching with me on the go, especially to & from work. A few minutes stitching here and there on my lunch hour adds up, and it's nice to stitch in the middle of the day, relaxing, I think. Usually I toss my current WIP and my tools & floss in a tote bag, the problem is that inevitably, I put other things in that tote bag as well, and its always made me a bit uneasy having things like my empty coffee tumbler and mail, and maybe the remnants of my lunch in the same tote, rubbing up against my stitching. This little pocket helps guard against any traveling booboo's, and it's pretty and sleek, doesn't take up much space at all.

I chose a bright teal, ditzy floral fabric on the outside and used a pretty, contrasting fabric for the inside lining.

The only thing I did different from Mollie is add a button and elastic loop to keep things closed up, but it's a very simple project, I totally recommend it.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

What's that you ask? Oh, that stitchery there, that's a new cross stitch pattern I'm attempting! I'm being brave tackling cross stitch again, and there's more to come, but this time around, I'm making a biscornu! I've posted a few peeks of the start of this project on Instagram, which I have to say is becoming kind of addictive, it's just so easy & quick! Come find me if you have an account and let me know how to find you too (pretty please!), I need more action in my feed and am looking out for other crafty bloggers to follow there. In all honesty, I feel a little guilty about Instagram because I update there so often and this space tends to sit... Ugh, bad blogger guilt. 

At any rate, more on the biscornu later.

This project is so fast and practical! I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of this pouch, and I'll probably make a few more for smaller or larger hoops, maybe even a big one for my Q-Snap. This one fits hoops up to 7", and my tool tins perfectly.

Isn't this just the nicest idea?? I really like it, I've already taken it to work a few times this week and it works great, thanks Mollie!