Saturday, March 31, 2012

OMG Penguins!

Hello Lovelies!
Well, I think I should start with a little warning; look out - naughty words below!
This is my finished piece for the most recent Phat Quarter Swap, the theme of this swap was "It's Not The End Of The World". My send-to partner for this swap was my webby pal, Jo. Jo is a talented stitcher and a funny lady with a wicked sense of humor. I knew she wouldn't be scared off by a little cuss. And thank goodness, because let's face it, some things like poor Mr. Penguin here dropping his ice cream may not be the end of the world, but they sure are the shits, especially when a nearby wiseacre points and laughs at his misfortune.

 I told Jo that I trolled around in her pictures and discovered her love of penguins, especially her favorite the Rockhopper Penguin. These guys look so serious with their furrowed, bright yellow brows.
I printed off a few examples so I had a reference, then I just got my scissors and started cutting shapes.

 Like conversation & thought bubbles.

Here are a few detail shots... 


Dropped ice cream is tragic.

Here's how I finished the back... This was the first time I sewed the backing on. I'm not sure how I feel about the results. I like it in theory, but it didn't seem tight enough.

I had fun making this piece, and am so glad to report that it's arrived at its new home in New Zealand just this week, and Jo loves it. Yayyyyyyyy! Oh, the title of this post? Well, that came from Jo herself. When she sent me a message on Facebook, she said OMG OMG OMG, which really made me laugh because that's my reaction too when I love something. I knew I was going to have to use it here somehow. Thank you, Jo!

Oh! And I wanted to thank all of YOU too, for all the warm welcomes for our new little buddy, Boswell! He's settling in just fine, we're all adjusting nicely to each other. He's such a love bug!
Here he is acting a perfect angel with a handsome blue bow, and his favorite new toy, Froggy. He carries Froggy everywhere, squeaking and squeaking. Boz loves Froggy, thank you Auntie Jill!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet Boswell!

Hi All!
Happy, happy news to share with you today! We have added to our little critter family and the wee prince is dying to meet you! Remember I said I'd been busy this last few weeks? Well, I was keeping a little secret from you, embroidery wasn't all I was up to, I was also arranging an adoption!

Everyone, meet Boswell!

I found Boz via Petfinder, there are SO many dogs waiting for a forever home, and this little sweetie was one of them. Boswell came to us from a wonderful organization called BARK
Boz is a happy, lively little fella. He's all the good things about a small dog, and none of the bad. He's not yappy, he's not twitchy, he's cool, confident, relaxed and pretty darn great. Cute too, don'cha think?

 Oh, and did I mention fast as lightening? Yeah, he's quick!
It looks like he's flying in this picture.

And that tail! It's absurdly long and flowing. When he runs, it looks like someone's shaking a pompom. 
I feel a gushing coming on! OoOoOoOoh, look at that face!
So. Stinkin'. Cute.

Here he is with my hubby and his new big sister, Lola, on his first trip to the dog park. Oh, and Lola? You might be wondering what she thinks of her new brother...

 Well... Lola isn't a deep thinker. She's a dingus.
Actually, they seem to be getting along just fine. There's some reordering of the pack going on, but you've gotta let the dogs work that out themselves :) The cats on the other hand... well, I think they'll get used to each other... eventually.  He's smaller than both of them, not much of a threat.

As I'm writing to you, Boz is sprawled on the couch between my husband and I, laying on his back, belly to the world, snoring like a tiny freight train. Adorable.

As much as we're falling for this new guy, we'll never forget this guy.
We miss him dearly, everyday, our beloved boy. I think these two would like each other, they are pretty cool cats, for a couple of dogs.

We're happy to be a pack of six again, two people, two dogs & two kitties.
Home sweet home!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Green Man

Hi All!
My my where does the time fly? I'm sorry that I've been absent for so long, I surely didn't mean to go nearly two weeks between posts again. Well, what have I been up to? Dearies, let me tell you, I've been up to my nose in floss!

I just completed my first submission for an art show! I'm very excited to see whether or not I'll be accepted. My friend Ellen is curating a show this summer in Los Angeles and the piece I made is for her show. I don't think I'm ready to post about my piece here just yet, but I will soon, I promise. I also had a swap piece to complete and get posted to it's new home in New Zealand. It should be arriving in a day or two, and once she's received it, I'll share that with you guys as well.

So... how about a little Green Man in the meantime?? It is nearly St. Patty's Day after all!
I stitched this little man as a filler project a few weeks ago. I like to have little stitches in between the big projects I have going. Do you guys do that? 

This little fella came from Aimee Ray's Doodle Stitching The Motif book.

He'll be a part of a woodland ticker tape quilted wall hanging... eventually.

This was an in progress picture that I used for my photo blog a few weeks ago.

I'm wishing you all some Irish cheer this weekend, and if you see someone *not* wearing green, pinch 'em! Tell them I said it was ok!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Leaf, New Life and Quiet Moments

This intricate and wonderful blackwork embroidery piece was made for me in for the most recent Phat Quarter Swap, by Helenstacy. The theme of this swap was "It's not the end of the world".

It's called "New Leaf, New Life". I love it. So simple, so striking.

One tiny gold leaf makes a big impact.

I'm still working on the piece for my partner. I'm very nearly finished but I need to get a move on, my little embroidery will be taking a long trip from California all the way to New Zealand.

Other than the daily grind and a few yet to be revealed embroidery projects, it's been pretty quiet around these parts. I've been enjoying these cold, quiet moments. Evenings spent trying to will winter to stay around a little longer with candles, and fires and my nose buried in books...

Making every hearty, winter soup I can lay my hands on. This one, which doesn't look so nice has been one of the best so far, home made Split Pea with ham.

I'm trying to hold out, this winter had been far too short. Seasons do not wait for any man, spring is coming, and coming fast. I've been trying my best to capture it with my on going photo project.


Nature will out.
But, oh, for a few more nights of long, cold, dark...

The seasons press on...
New leaf, new life.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.