Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lucky Girl

Thank you all so much for your kind emails and comments about Egypt, he really was a gent. He will be greatly missed. Happier news for today!

Not long ago, Sean and I got all gussied up and went to the prom (look, there's proof, I'm an actual girl! A girl who wears dresses even!). Wait, I know what you're thinking, you're a bit old to be going to the prom aren't you, Lisa? Yes, ahem, yes I am. This particular prom was at our local Moose Lodge, and to be honest, I had WAY more fun at this prom with my hubby than I did way back in 1992 at the tender age of 17. That whole night was kind of a drag, this one was much better and we danced our butts off. Youth is wasted on the young, but I digress...

At this prom there was a positive smorgasbord of  raffle prizes and among them I did spy with my little eye some embroidered treasures. You can bet this girl sashayed over and dumped all her tickets into the two baskets with hand embroidered items... naturally, right? Well guess what! I got luckier on this prom night than that disaster long ago (shazam!) and I won the item I really, really wanted! Let's look!

This is a hand embroidered lap quilt/wall hanging, and it's the prettiest thing.

So much work and detail in this beautiful quilt.

Added bonus, Sean and I were seated at the same table for dinner as the woman who stitched this, her name was Phyllis, and let me tell you what, she was a firecracker! I'm guessing she was in her late 70's or early 80's and she was an absolute hoot! Dirty jokes and gossip the whole evening, I loved it! 

She was really excited when I told her I'd hoped to win the embroidered quilt, she stood right up and said "oh yeah? well I made that! It took me a long time, I kept falling asleep." Her husband corroborated this story with by imitating his wife stitching and nodding off, head lolling to the side. HA!

I told her that I also loved all kinds of embroidery and we talked about it for a while. Said she's always afraid she's going to get jabbed because she keeps sticking her needles in the arm of her couch. Me too! If she hasn't broken that habit, I don't hold out much hope for myself.

When they pulled the ticket and called my number and Sean ran up to claim my prize she was very pleased, and boy howdy, so was I! It meant a lot to her that someone who appreciates how much work and time went into making this got to take it home and love it. We know that feeling, don't we?

Gorgeous, right? I am so lucky.

I need to add some loops to the back so I can hang it on a dowel, should be pretty simple.

I practically *never* win anything, I was so happy to win the very thing I wanted, so awesome.
What have you been up to friends, keeping cool in this hot weather? I have a feeling this summer's going to be a scorcher!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Letter To My Cat

Dear Egypt,
Oh, handsome boy. It's been one week since we said goodbye and I miss you so much. The physical realities of your absence are little needles that keep poking at me. I step extra wide around doorways because you liked to hang out at intersections, I tip toe out of the bedroom in the morning so that I don't wake you up, and I find myself scanning for you before turning in for the night, looking to see that you're okay and checking your bowl to make sure there's fresh water. You trained me well, Egypt.

For twenty years you were my shadow, my familiar. Quietly observing me with those golden, green eyes.

Our last evening together was so peaceful, I think we both knew it was the end of your road.

We all sat under the big tree out back, listening to the birds and the breeze, remembering and talking about all our long years together and the antics you used to get up to. Man, you used to be such a badass! 

More recently it was all about the naps and I don't blame you, you were ancient by cat standards. Dr. Stoops said you would have been over 100 years old in cat time. You deserved all the naps your little heart desired.

This last night you were the picture of somnolent tranquility, accepting enthusiastic doggy kisses from both Lola & Boswell with a dignity rarely seen when being half swallowed by an over affectionate, slobbering dog. Talk about grace under pressure...

This is how I'll always remember you best, solemn, regal. The King of the house.

Not that you didn't have your moments as the jester...

You two and those boxes... You loved them beyond measure. I was sad when we moved to this new house and didn't have a sunny window to put them in. 

You also had the knack of cool headed ironic humor. Is that normal for cats? You were a master, look at you, so serious with that embroidery floss all over your face.

"Look at me, I'm a clown. Yaaaay." 

No one did deadpan as well as you.

You were a good neighbor, too. Always friendly with the neighbor cats who'd come to watch in the windows. All except for that one time when that big ginger came flying over the fence and chased you under the shed for the night. That was scary for me too, I never heard you make noises like that before! We thought you'd run away! I was so worried that night, I made posters and everything. When you finally reappeared I didn't know whether to laugh with relief or strangle you for scaring the shit out of me. I know I wanted to strangle that other cat, or at least blast him with the garden hose. Come to think of it he never came around after that. Maybe I radiated malevolence on your behalf?

You were okay in the end, if a bit disheveled with dusty cobwebs floating from your ears and the tip of your tail. It's kind of funny in hindsight. Badass, forsooth. 

Oh cat, you were one of a kind. I miss your jet engine purring. I miss your cranky maowing, or should I say "MAOWING", because it was never subtle, you meant to be heard when you made your demands and accordingly, you roared like a lion. I still don't know how that much sound came out of such a small cat.

I miss you all so much, you & Chyna & Butch.

We've lost three of you in two and a half years. Ouuuch. Losing you was worth having you, and we'd do it all over again. You gave me twenty years. Twenty years!! I am so grateful for you, Egypt.

I hope you know how much you were loved, and that you carried it with you beyond. 
Til we meet again, tell the others I love them, too.

Your person always,

Dear Friends,
Thank you for indulging me to say the things I couldn't say while he was still here.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

This One's For You, Mom's!

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely, lovely ladies out there!

Whether your babies have two legs, or four, little ones and big ones too, thank you mom's for all you do! Oooh, looky, I made a little rhyme, yay me!

So, I was a busy lady this week, I whipped out several hoopla's for The Rowan Tree just in time for Mother's Day, these were really fun to make!

Mom, You Are My Anchor by Lisa Leggett
5" Hoopla ~ You Are My Anchor
(I know you're supposed to love all your children equally {RIGHT MOMS??} but I have to say, I think I love this hoopla the best, it was my "first born" this week, teehee!)

Love You by Lisa Leggett
3" hoopla ~ Love You

Sweet Mom Tattoo Inspired Felt Flash by Lisa Leggett
3" hoopla ~ Mom Flash

Pretty Pasiley's by Lisa Leggett
3" hoopla ~ Pretty Paisley's 

Flowers For Mom by Lisa Leggett
5" hoopla ~ Flowers for Mom

All of these hoops are for sale at The Rowan Tree, if you're local swing on through, Amy & Rachel are wonderful and they'd love to say hello, tell 'em Lisa sent ya! 

If you're not local, or can't stop in but are interested in any of my little hoopla's, give the girls a call,  I confirmed with the ladies that they'd be happy to ship your purchase to you. The Rowan Tree is located at 11 S. Sacramento Street Lodi, CA 95240, you can reach them at 209-329-7881.

While not specific to Mother's Day, I also made a couple of felt feather hooplas. Simple, graphic, pretty! I want to make a couple of these for myself!
Felty Feathers by Lisa Leggett

Embroidered Feather's by Lisa Leggett

Busy week indeed! 

Today I get to spend time with my own dear mummzie, and I've made something special for her too, but I can't share yet, she might try to peek into my blog early. She's a peeker! I don't know what we'll do just yet, we're a fly by the seat of our pants mother & daughter duo, always up for something fun! I'll report back with our adventures soon. Yay, adventures!
Felt & Embroidered Hoopla's by Lisa Leggett

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day Mom's, I hope you get to spend time with the ones you love and eat a nice meal, go for a drive, or sit a spell and chat a while. What ever it is your heart desires, I hope it comes to you in spades. 

We wouldn't be here without you, mom's. 
We love you!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

April In Instagrams

Hi Guys, Happy May Day!
I thought today I'd do a quick recap of what I've been posting over on Instagram during the month of April. I really like Instagram, I'm a total convert. It's just so quick & simple, it's hard to ignore its ease of use. Snap, post, viola!

I love my blog, I could never quit you, Blogger! But maybe I can marry Blogger & Instagram, with little posts like this every so often. I hope you won't mind. ♥

1.) Teeny, tiny felt quilt! It's only 3/4" x 1.5"! Just goofing around for now, looking toward some things for this fall.
2.) I love Dala Horses! I found this cute printable on Pinterest and made a little hanging doo-dad just for kicks.
3.) Tambour Embroidery! I bought the dang tool which means I'm committed to learning how to use it. I have plans! I'm really having a tough time getting the hang of it though, I keep snagging the fabric and losing the thread on the upstitch. This video is great, but I'm still struggling, got any advice for me? Maybe I just need more practice. Which means I need more time.

Speaking of time...
Quilty Stitches, y'all! Are you doing it too? Little Miss Shabby is hosting this stitch along comprised of cross stitched quilt blocks, I dig it! I'm limiting myself to one stitch along this year and this is it. Sadly, I hadn't touched this project in probably two months because I've been working on so many other projects in the evenings. Taking a page from my friend Crystal's book, I've brought this project to work and I've been stitching on my lunch break as often as I can. I even brought my Kindle to work so I can watch movies & stitch. It's nice, I turn the lights off (plenty of natural light), close my office door, stream something good (bouncing between Pride & Prejudice and The Paradise at the moment, oh Darcy, oh Moray... I can't quit you either!) and stitch like the wind! I'm only getting between 30-45 minutes, but hey, PROGRESS! I'll carve out those moments anywhere I can.

And then it was Easter!
I colored eggs with my girlfriend Dez over a couple of cocktails one evening, that's the way to do it! We used to color eggs together when we were little girls, it was fun to do it again as grown ups. Then I arranged those eggs in a rainbow because you know I love me some rainbows. Oh, and looky there! That's the first incarnation of Petunia Cottontail! See, early peeks! Instagram is great for early peeks at WIP's. I love seeing progress shots of people's work and regular life, things they wouldn't necessarily post about on their blogs, so for a voyeur such as myself, Instagram is fab.

Plenty of random silliness, too because I can be a silly & random. 
1.) The fairy garden gnomes bossing me around.
2.) TBT, me & my little brother Greggy. I'm not into selfies but I am into my family & friends.
3.) My Harry Potter socks. Because the world needs to know I'm a 39 year old woman who proudly wears Harry Potter socks to work. Right? Yes.

Critters are always good fun! 
Egypt! Lola! (with me in bunny ears, didn't I just say I wasn't into selfies? Hmm... I'm often contradictory as well as silly & random) Big Red! He's not mine, he just kept me company while I was having my car worked on, he's the large & lovable shop cat at my mechanic's place. I like him. 

So yeah, Instagram won't you? If you're already there, smack me around and make me notice, or leave your link in the comments below, I'd love to see what you're up to, too!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend (just a little early)!