Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1st Square

39 35 Squares! I'm changing up the grid a little. Amy, the gal who's put this lovely little stitchalong together is celebrating her 39th birthday with a 39 square sampler. Since I'm 35, and that makes a nice rectangle shape, I'm electing to do 35 squares. I traced out my sampler grid Sunday, and made a quick list of the kinds of things I like to stitch. I was chomping at the bit to get my first couple of squares completed last night, it's supposed to be one square per day, but I'm about 8 days behind, so I am going to make a couple per night until I catch up with the others. Unexpectedly however, I didn't get in until late last night and left very little time for stitching, hence only one simple square to show & tell today.

Anyway, are you ready? Aaaand, we're off!

Here's my grid... simple unbleached cotton. Each square is 1".

And here's my first little flower...

Teehee! I like this project. It's just a wee bit of stitching each night, and in a short amount of time, I'll have something pretty that I'll keep forever. It's like that saying...

Q. How do you eat an elephant?
A. One bite at a time.



Giggly said...

I love the little flower!! The colors are wonderful!

beedeebabee♥ said...

You are so cute! This project fits you perfectly...it's going to be adorable when it's done! xoxo's Paulette