Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vintage Halloween Swap

Hi There!
Okidoke kids, it's time to delve into some Halloween posts! Don'cha just love this time of year? I'm a nut for it. As I've said many times before, October is my favorite month; the weather is just right, the rapidly changing leaves on the trees are the most gorgeous, intense colors, Halloween is awesome, and hello, pumpkin spice everything! 

I've participated in a couple of Halloween swaps on Craftster in the last few weeks and boy howdy, have I gotten some cool stuff! Today I'd like to share what I received from a darling gal in Oregon, let me introduce you to crafty goddess that is Nixiebum!

The theme of this first swap was Vintage Halloween, ooooh! Doesn't that sound great?

This first item had me jumping up and down when I opened it, it's just that terrific!
Ghoulies Go For A Ride by Nixiebum on Flickr

Ack! It's swanky, vintage ghoulies - ON VESPA'S!!
Look at them, they're perfect! The hair, the clothes, the scoots! So much love for this fabulous group of ghouls. I'd totally ride with them.

The depth of the piece and the layering is fantastic, as is the tiny Happy Halloween bunting across the top of the diorama.
Ghoulies Go For A Ride by Nixiebum on Flickr

I had told my partner that I was a huge Harry Potter fan and she was so thoughtful that she made me some great goodies to add to my annual Harry Potter Halloween Decor (oh yeah, that's totally a thing). 

This little cake is all felt and embroidered, isn't it great?! And do you recognize that little pink dude? That's Arnold the Pygmy Puff!
Harry's cake & Arnold the Pygmy Puff by Nixiebum on Flickr

She also made me FIVE location signs from the books, they're wonderful!
Harry Potter signs by Nixiebum on Flickr

 I was already pretty spoiled but we've just begun, Nixie also made me this adorable peg witch.
Candy Corn Witch by Nixiebum on Flickr

 I love the colors that she used, exactly like Candy Corn and like any fabulous witch, this one has picture perfect hair & lipstick.
Candy Corn Witch by Nixiebum on Flickr

 Also included are these cute little guys, Vamp and Vintage Kitty! I think they're painted paper mache, over Styrofoam, I'm not sure, but what I am sure of is that they're about the cutest things ever. Dig those little fangs and the kooky smile on the kitty!
Vamp & Kitty by Nixiebum on Flickr

Last but certainly not least are these great suncatchers. Nixie says that they're crayons melted in between two layers of wax paper, so clever! They look like stained glass, I've got them hanging on my family room sliding glass door so that they glow as the sun goes down (earlier and earlier) in the evenings.
Halloween Suncatchers by Nixiebum on Flickr

Here are all my goodies together, a lovely, lovely package - couldn't be happier. This was my first Craftster swap, Nixie was an excellent partner, she spoiled me rotten!
Vintage Halloween Goodies by Nixiebum on Flickr

I'm crazy about these goodies, they really got me into the Halloween groove this year and inspired me to dig all of my Halloween decorations out and do the house up, it was just what I needed after the funk of August and September, thanks Nixie!

Next up, I'll show you the goodies I made for Nixie, so you'll have to stay tuned! In the mean time click over and check out Nixie's other crafty endeavors on her Flickr page.



Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Oh wow you for some really great things!! I love swapping on craftster but haven't swapped in a long time. I miss it. The scooter piece is to die for!!

Beedeebabee said...

Wow, what an awesome stash of creative Halloween goodness!!! You are one lucky lady Miss Lisa! Nixie's creations are all so adorable, and that melted crayon sun catcher is something! Crayons??? It's time to get my Crayola's out for some playtime! xoxo :D

kate steeper said...

Vespas....we have a few , love the Haloween image