Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No Time Like The Present

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled Halloween post for something a bit different. 

I had a birthday recently, well... not that recently (mid August). 39. 
39? Is that possible? Who sped up the clock?

Anyway this week was a banner week for receiving birthday goodies in the mail from a couple of my crafty pals, and as you probably know, when you have friends who are also crafters and who make all their pressies, time doesn't always go as according to plan. And I am perfectly ok with that! Time, as you know is wibble wobbly, timey wimey... stuff. *wink*  


Fox Award Ribbon by Tara Fields
The fabulous Mistress T made me this stellar, foxy ribbon. That means I win at being a fox! 

Fox Award Ribbon by Tara Fields
Look at that cute little foxy face! 

Also fabulous & feisty, my pal Pam stitched me this adorable birthday cake! Pam's stitches are legend, they're tiny and they are perfect. Perfectly awesome!
Embroidered Happy Birthday Cake by Pam Pedersen
I think she must have harnessed her super telepathic powers because this looks almost exactly like the actual cake my husband had made for me for a little surprise party he threw for me. 

Embroidery inspired birthday cake
It's an embroidery cake! The yellow ring is the hoop and the white frosting (omg, the frosting! SO good. Light as a feather whipped cream, my favorite!) is the fabric hanging down with stitching on the top, adorbs!

 My dear, dear friend Melissa harnessed a different power, the power of my dreams! She stitched me the sweetest little camp trailer, with a purple bunting! 
Stitched Camp Trailer by Melissa Loken
I have ambitions to buy one of these in the coming year, a real one! I even started a Pinterest board with a few little things. I've wanted one for as long as I can remember. I love, love, love tent camping, and I think I always will - but uh... it's a lot of work. There's something about just hooking up and hitting the road that really appeals to me. When the time comes, you know I'll share that adventure with you.

Melissa also stitched me this sweet Leo, isn't she cute?!
Leo Zodiac felty by Melissa Loken
Love her ever so!

Speaking of Leo's, I picked myself up a little Leo lady this year, too.
Leo Loopsy
Yes, I am a grown up. What. 
Lalaloopsy is too cute to resist, look at her crown purse, and her little mousy friend, eep! I have a few of them, more on that in an upcoming Halloween post!

I am blessed with awesome buddies.
Birthday goodies! By (clockwise) Pam Pedersen, Melissa Loken and Tara Fields
Thank you girls! All of these goodies have happy new homes, hanging in my craft room, I love them almost as much as I love you guys!

Halloween posts to resume shortly!!


Chris said...

What wonderful birthday gifts! You have very talented friends!

SewAmy said...

Well Happy (late) Birthday girl! What wonderful talented friends you have. I love all the things they made you! And I know one day you will own a sweet little camper...I just know it!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

What amazing gifts! The cake is amazing--how wonderful that your husband 'gets' you! You know? I love LaLa Loopsy too but I don'thave one. I really want to get the lumberjack one for Baxter though.