Monday, October 28, 2013

All Treats, No Tricks

Today I wanted to share with you what June of I Sew Cute sent me in our Weekend Trick or Treat Swap.

 Let's open the box and see what's in there!

Oooh, candy!

June sent me one of her fab jewelry pieces, she's a whiz with the resin! She makes the cutest stuff, you've got to check our her Etsy store. This one is my most favorite!
Pumpkin Resin Necklace by I Sew Cute

She also painted me the most darling haunted teapot notebook. I've never seen anything like it, and I think it's just as charming as all get out! 
Pumpkin Resin Necklace and Haunted Tea Pot Notebook by I Sew Cute

And socks! I love Halloween socks, I have a bunch of them but none like this, love em.

And then...

And then I opened this!

Eeeep! Look at this cute little owlet! 
Sweet Halloween Owlet by I Sew Cute

Oh, he's the cutest lil owlet ever, just look at those big eyes! He's soft and snugly and he needs a hug!
Sweet Halloween Owlet by I Sew Cute

I'mma go hug my baby owlet! Go check out June's awesome jewelry, ooh, or her Pinterest boards, she pins awesome stuff! Fun fact, I was already following her when we were paired up as partners for this swap! It was great, I felt like I already knew her a little bit.

The Halloween Tea party yesterday was a smash! But of course I only managed a few photos before everyone got here, that's always the way it goes, darn it. Once the party gets going, and I get busy making tea and chatting, I completely forget about photo taking... Anyway, here's a couple of shots of the table before everyone arrived.

I have a lot of teacups so for this party, I chose about a dozen of my prettiest fall-ish colored ones; oranges and yellows. Browns and dusty mauve's and golds. I love that pallet.
Fall colored, china teacups for Halloween Tea Party

This is a quick shot of the table with most of the goodies laid out. So many goodies...

Psst... if you look carefully in the upper left hand corner you can see a peek at the witches hat I made to wear for the tea party (which it ended up being too darn hot to wear, boo.), more on that later!

Hope your week is off to a great start!


Chris said...

What a great box of Halloween treats! Your tea party set up looks wonderful.

Beedeebabee said...

What adorable swap goodies!!! Your tea party table looked as delicious as it did beautiful! Your guests must have loved all your very extra special touches! xoxo