Friday, October 4, 2013

Huzzah, New Scissors!

Hullo Peeps!
A couple of weekends ago Mom and I went on our annual trek to the Northern California Renaissance Faire. I was still wearing that big walking boot at the time, so I didn't dress up in the full regalia this year, but it was still fun even if the boot made walking a little squirrely. I spent a lot of time that day concentrating on my next step, navigating the uneven ground & rocks. I managed pretty well and didn't fall down, so as far as I was concerned, it was aces!

I ran across a little something that I just had to have, a new pair of scissors. These little babies are sharp, and really well made.

Sometimes I take bits of stitching with me to the faire to work on while listening to the musicians, or during a play (Taming of  the Shew is on of my favorites), or just sitting under a shady tree people watching with a nice cold pint of cider. I thought it would be fun to have a period style sewing kit in my basket and these scissors fit the bill nicely. I couldn't say if they are historically accurate, but I like them, and they compliment my little wooden needle case, too. Huzzah!

 They're about the same size as my other embroidery scissors, fit well in the hand and are comfortable to use. And did I mention, sharp? Oh yes, right to the very tips.

I didn't really need a new pair of scissors, but I sure to like them! It goes that way sometimes, right? Right!

So hey, it's Friday! (insert Kermit style flailing here) Got any big plans this weekend? Do tell!


Pat said...

Hi Lisa,
Many years ago, I was a great x-stitching fan (still am actually) and I happened upon the sharpest little scissors that are curved specially to tackle nipping little threads right down to the cloth, I love them. Can't beat a good pair of needlework scissors, and absolutely essential in the workbasket I say!

SewAmy said...

They are great! I love the shape of them. And what is that adorable acorn and leave boarder you're working on?

TheMistressT said...

What is it about a great pair of scissors? Siiiiiigh. I envy your snips, dear lady.

Also, you should probably stitch up a cute, fluffy-tailed "little squirrel" as a badge for your bum peg. ;)

Beedeebabee said...

How fun to dress up and stroll (or hop) around a beautiful renaissance fair! :) I'm glad that leg brace didn't keep you from going and having a good time. Love those nifty new scissors, Lisa, and your stitching is sooo darn cute. I want to see more, more, more!!! xoxo