Friday, October 25, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Hello Ghoulies!
We're creeping ever more closely towards Halloweeeeeen, mwuah-ha-ha-ha-haaaa! Are you as excited as I am? I'm hosting a Halloween tea at my house this weekend, so I'm excited! I'll definitely try to get some pictures.

In the meantime I thought I'd share what I made for my partner in the other Halloween swap I participated in this year on Craftster, this was called the Weekend Trick or Treat Swap, and it was a mad dash! We were assigned our partners on a Thursday and had to send out the following Monday - craftapalooza!

Sparkly Pumpkin Bucket for storing suprises!

My partner was the super fun lady behind I Sew Cute, who's name is June. Here's what I made for her. 

June mentioned to me that a treat or something for her two adorable kiddo's would be something she'd enjoy - what a good mommy! So I made a couple of stuffed "poppers". 

Goodies for the Halloween Poppers

 I gathered up some Halloween goodies, small things like plastic skelly's, stickers, buttons, erasers and zombie finger notepads, along with some suckers. I jammed them into empty TP rolls and stuffed the ends with shredded paper.

Stuff empty TP rolls with little goodies, stopper the ends with shredded paper, and roll up in wrapping paper for a fun little surprise.

 I rolled them up in polka dot wrapping paper and hot glued a squishy little pumpkin to the top of each.

Halloween Popper by Lisa Leggett

Lastly, I used a couple of images from an old Mary Engelbreit  day-by-day calendar to add a bit of cuteness and a name tag for each of the kiddo's. These were really easy & fun to put together, I'm thinking of trying to make a couple more of them for the kids attending the Halloween Tea on Sunday.

Personalized Halloween Popper by Lisa Leggett

For June I made a couple of grown up goodies, like this Halloween themed, felt & embroidered broach with a beaded edge.
Beads, felt & embroidery for a sweet little Halloween Pin by Lisa Leggett

I learned a new stitch for this one, it's called the Beaded Picot Stitch. My dear pal, Paulette is a master at this stitch and we were chatting about it recently, she sweetly sent me step-by-step instructions and I had to put them to use straight away, thanks P!!!.
Beaded Picot Stitch

This is the pin when I thought it was done, but I was unsatisfied with it, it was missing something... more beads & stitching!!
Unfinished Halloween pin, before I added some sparkle.

I added little beaded eyes and a small scattering of "stars". For the moon, I used DMC glow-in-the-dark floss and covered it entireley in big, uneven (on purpose) stem stitches, I wanted it to look almost like brush strokes (think Van Gogh), pretty cute, aye?

Little Batty Broach by Lisa Leggett

Speaking of the moon... 
The other thing I made for my partner is this little coffin... it holds a secret!

Halloween Moon Curio Coffin by Lisa Leggett

The moon, the magical moon!

Wreath detail with silver moon bead

It's a tiny curio!

Halloween Moon Curio Coffin by Lisa Leggett

I'll let the pictures to the talkin'.

Halloween Moon Curio Coffin by Lisa Leggett

Halloween Moon Curio Coffin by Lisa Leggett

Halloween Moon Curio Coffin by Lisa Leggett

Halloween Moon Curio Coffin by Lisa Leggett

Halloween Moon Curio Coffin by Lisa Leggett

A lot of steps involved in this piece special paint techniques, decoupage, various trims, Fimo sculpting,  and even a little bit of poetry, all worth it! My partner thought it was magical! Aww, thanks June!

It's funny, I made this little curio so fast and sent it out as soon as it was finished, now looking back a couple of weeks after the fact, I love it, too! I wasn't so sure at the time because I just don't have a lot of experience in this type of craft. Apart from the vintage inspired keepsake box I made for the other Halloween swap I participated in recently, I've never made anything else remotely like this, and didn't really know what I was doing, so I went with the "too much is never enough" theory and just kept adding layers and layers until almost ever surface was covered. *nervous laugh*  It all worked out in the end :)

I also sent June a little Barbie. Because really, when was the last time someone gave YOU a Barbie? And she was cute, her dress has candy corn on it!
Halloween Barbie

So here are all the goodies ready to fly away to my partner, lol, Booger candy!!
Trick or Treat Swap package by Lisa Leggett

Trick or Treat pail, stuffed with goodies, ready to go!

This was a really neat swap, I liked the quick factor, very like trick or treating!
Next, I'm going to show you what June made for me, it's so great!!

Wishing you a happy, haunty Friday!

p.s. I know there are a lot of details in this post, if you have any q's, hit me in the comments, I'd be happy to answer any you might have


sewphie said...

That coffin is awesome!

Beedeebabee said...

You totally blow me away with all your creative craftiness! I LOVE the brooch (and my checks got read when I saw my name! You're such a sweetie...thank you...and you didn't have to mention me!xo) The poppers you made for the kids are just too cute, and that coffin is amazing! What a GREAT box of goodies you sent Lisa. You really jump in with both feet and put your heart in all you do! xoxo