Sunday, July 7, 2013

Manly Stitching

Hello All!
I hope you've enjoyed a long, long holiday weekend as nice as the one I've had, which in all honesty has been spent completely at home. I haven't left the house since Thursday, and I'm as happy as a clam about it. I love going out on the weekends and having fun little adventures, but I love staying at home burrowing in just as much. We've watched the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, I've stitched a TON, we've made great meals, and quality time with my critters. Last night one of my best friends came over and we belatedly celebrated her birthday with some delicious Skip & Go Naked's. I slept in late today, and now, I'm making what promises to be some killer bbq sauce, from scratch, and chatting with you fine folks while Ferris Beuller's Day Off plays in the background. Yes, a very good weekend, indeed.

Speaking of birthday's, my hunny had his a couple of weeks ago, and I made him a little something that I thought I'd share, continuing two recent themes at once, the red, white & blue, and hexies!

I made Sean an oversized hexie mugrug with ice hockey motifs, his favorite!
Hockey Hexie Mugrug
I had everything I needed to make this in my stash and I whipped it out in just a couple late night sessions after he'd gone to bed. It was pretty straightforward to make, seven hexies arranged just so, stitched on to a piece of red craft felt and trimmed, then the red felt was stitched down on top of a piece of dark brown, wool blend felt and trimmed again. All top stitching and all by hand ♥ Cold beer in the hot summer creates a lot of condensation, but I'm fairly certain no drips will get through all of these layers to the wood of our tables, yay!

I don't know about you, but I always find it a really big challenge to make things for my guy. I mean, I make lots of things for lots of people, but I rarely make anything for him and after conferring with a couple of my girlfriends, we decided that the simple answer as to why is this: making boy things is hard.
Cute? Pretty colors? Easy. Masculine, clever, relevant? Harder.

Anyway, I think I succeeded with this little make, he's used it everyday since he opened it. 
She shoots, she scores!!

So what did you guys do this weekend, anything exciting?


olisa said...

Hockey, hexies and stitching... Lisa, this looks GREAT! You're on a creative tear!

Beedeebabee said...

What a great gift, Lisa! It IS harder to make stuff for guys. I rarely do. We've got to squelch down that ever present urge to do cutsie a bit when we're making a guy gift. You did a great job with this mugrug. I'm sure you scored big with this! xoxo