Monday, July 15, 2013

Embroidered Birdie Bunting

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm finally getting around to a special embroidery project I've eluded to twice on this blog (here & here). This was a multi-step project, I loved every step.

This is The Birdie Banner from Charlotte Lyons, as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to stitch it. It sat in my work basket for a long time, but once I started, I stitched & stitched until it was done.

Let's look at the birdies!
Hello yellow birdie! I did this entire bunting in fill stitch, does it take forever, yes. Is it worth it, absolutely! I love the little flower chain at the top of this piece.

Pretty flowers in a frilly vase,

The one I refer to as "the egg" I have regrets about this one... I wish I'd filled the center with a monogram instead of random little flowers.. ah well.

Pink birdie filled with tiny chain stitch. I love their sweet, round little forms.

My favorite of the flower vases. The pink flowers with the yellow centers make me smile.

Bluebird of friendliness, who watches over you, build a little birdhouse in your soul... love that song. 

Like I'd posted  about earlier, I finished the edgings in a new-to-me stitch, the knotted bullion stitch. I really wanted to do them in crocheted edging, but I still haven't figured out how to do that.

Fortunately, I adore the way this knotted bullion stitch looks and how it stands up off of the edge of the fabric. I needed something there because I fused the buntings to a backing fabric to give the whole thing a bit more substance.

It's my new favorite piece. It's hanging on my family room fireplace right now, and I anticipate that it will remain there until I decorate for Christmas ;) 

I finished the top of the piece with tiny pink pompom & the lightest aqua ricrac. Yup, it's dripping with pretty.
I think Charlotte's patterns are all beautiful, I have a wish list from her Etsy shop that I'd like to stitch, if only I could add more hours to the day ♥

Have any of you guys stitched this pattern, or other Charlotte Lyon's patterns? Point me to them, I'd love to see!


Chris said...

What a fabulous finish. I love the edging and each stitched triangle is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Ficou uma graça, Lisa! Alegre e delicado! Parabéns!
Um abraço!

Sandy Leigh said...

This is absolutely gorgeous work. I adore it! I also love the flowers stitched in the egg--although a monogram would be cute too...but those flowers are so pretty. I really like how it is strung together with added ricrac and pompoms...that is is the perfect finishing. Thank you for sharing!

Eugenia said...

Love your interpretation. So happy. I made the same bunting and agree love Charlotte Lyons designs.
Have a great week.

Beedeebabee said...

Your stitching is just beautiful and this is THE most adorable bunting I've ever seen anywhere! I love it, Lisa! xo