Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Basket For Bozzy

Hi Girls! 
Hi New Peeps!
Do I ever tell you how happy you guys make me? It's true, y'all make me smile! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on the puffy little pillow both here and on Flickr

Today I wanted to show you a little something I whipped up for my boy, Boz. You know, this little dog is one cool character, nothing fazes him. I had a feeling that he'd dig going for rides if I had a way to carry him on my bicycle, so I searched out a basket that he'd fit inside of. It was a bit of trial & error finding one that worked with my bike, but I found one. Next up, I needed a liner so his tiny feets wouldn't slip through the bottom of the basket. They sell these at the bicycle shop for $39.00 (pfft!) so I decided to make my own, here's what I came up with, and it cost me less than five bucks!

I used this pretty fabric from Ikea, $3.99 per yard, yo!

Wanting something "grippy" on the inside so Boz had some traction and would feel more secure, I cut up an old terry cloth bath towel. Also, I had no pattern and was sort of winging this project, so I didn't want to spend a bunch or use my "good" fabric from the stash. 

As it happened, this 'practice' liner worked out just fine and I didn't have to make another. So, how does Bozzy like it?

He likes it a lot! He loves going for rides! He sits perfectly still and smiles the whole time. I think people in my neighborhood get a kick out of seeing him too, everyone smiles and waves as we pass by.

To keep Boz safe, while he rides in the basket he is tethered to the center of my handle bars, I didn't take a picture of the method because it's not much to look at, but it's secure and functional. He's never tried to jump out, but this worried mama isn't taking any chances.

He stays pretty relaxed in there, sometimes he lays down and rests his chin over the side.

Ok, here's a keeping-it-real confession... We all know that riding a bicycle hurts the uh... "tender bits" when you haven't ridden for a while and so yes, that is a "comfort seat", or what I like to call my "fat fanny saddle". Whatever, I'm telling you  my buns have never been so happy! Best purchase ever!

I'm pretty happy with our little set up, bicycling is a fun way to stay active, and it's nice having a little buddy to tag along. 

I could be wrong, but I think Boz likes it too!
He cracks me up, such a ham!

Do any of you guys ride with your little buddies? What's your set up like?
Hope you're all having a great week!


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Awww he's so sweet! :)

I just love that last pictures! He's adorable!

olisa said...

Sooooooo awesome!! Both the basket and the tiny hound.

SewAmy said...

lisa, that basket liner is adorable. what a sweet idea. And you puppy is too cute!

giddy99 said...

eeep!!! The basket idea is brilliant, and the liner is PERFECT!

suzitee said...

LOL...that last photo is too cute! What a great set-up for your bike...Boz obviously loves it. I bought myself a new basket for my bike just last weekend, but my Clancy doesan't fit...his butt is almost as big as mine ;)

Bonnie said...

That is absolutely awesome! You did an excellent job on that! I love the fabric choice and I love the terry liner! That worked out perfect. I was just wondering??? is your little doggy spoiled??? hehehe! too funny! I can only imagine how much fun he is having on those bike rides...that is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, and the end result is wonderful! I hope you and Boz have many happy bike rides =).


Melissa Fried said...

Love it! He IS a total ham...so freakin adorable!! I'm so amazed you can make these things without a pattern. Super cool, Lis!!

bascom hogue said...

I come here a lot. I love Boz and I know he loves you. This a wonderful blog.

Sandy Kramer said...

I Love reading all your great comments. Your friend Suzitee cracks me up! Nice Blog post Honey, but you didn't get a pic of Boz wearing his 'Doggles'.

Sandy Kramer said...
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Mom Wald said...

What a charming post! While our little box turtle, Tilda, does go to storytime with us once in a while, she would not appreciate a bike ride half as much as your little buddy.

What really caught my eye after your adorable liner, was the name on the bike plate, Wald. How fun!

Beedeebabee said...

Oh, that last picture is just the best, best, BEST!!! Boz is just so happy in his new comfy basket. (my gosh, is he just the cutest!) Lisa, I love it!...and in keeping it real, that's the reason I can't stand bike riding, those killer skinning wimpy seats. Now your bike seat looks comfy! I'm sure you and Boz bring lots of smiles to everyone in your neighborhood! xoxo

The Beach Hut Cook said...

This would look fab on my pashley bike. In my head I am a brilliant sew-er but actually I'm rubbish. Don't ask about my singing voice. beachhutcook

Quilter Kathy said...

These photos are beyond adorable...what a cutie!