Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet Boswell!

Hi All!
Happy, happy news to share with you today! We have added to our little critter family and the wee prince is dying to meet you! Remember I said I'd been busy this last few weeks? Well, I was keeping a little secret from you, embroidery wasn't all I was up to, I was also arranging an adoption!

Everyone, meet Boswell!

I found Boz via Petfinder, there are SO many dogs waiting for a forever home, and this little sweetie was one of them. Boswell came to us from a wonderful organization called BARK
Boz is a happy, lively little fella. He's all the good things about a small dog, and none of the bad. He's not yappy, he's not twitchy, he's cool, confident, relaxed and pretty darn great. Cute too, don'cha think?

 Oh, and did I mention fast as lightening? Yeah, he's quick!
It looks like he's flying in this picture.

And that tail! It's absurdly long and flowing. When he runs, it looks like someone's shaking a pompom. 
I feel a gushing coming on! OoOoOoOoh, look at that face!
So. Stinkin'. Cute.

Here he is with my hubby and his new big sister, Lola, on his first trip to the dog park. Oh, and Lola? You might be wondering what she thinks of her new brother...

 Well... Lola isn't a deep thinker. She's a dingus.
Actually, they seem to be getting along just fine. There's some reordering of the pack going on, but you've gotta let the dogs work that out themselves :) The cats on the other hand... well, I think they'll get used to each other... eventually.  He's smaller than both of them, not much of a threat.

As I'm writing to you, Boz is sprawled on the couch between my husband and I, laying on his back, belly to the world, snoring like a tiny freight train. Adorable.

As much as we're falling for this new guy, we'll never forget this guy.
We miss him dearly, everyday, our beloved boy. I think these two would like each other, they are pretty cool cats, for a couple of dogs.

We're happy to be a pack of six again, two people, two dogs & two kitties.
Home sweet home!


Cath said...

Hi Lisa, I was just over reading about your dear little Butchie (which left such a lump in my throat) :( and now here I am to meet Boswell....What a cutie! That face is adorable. I too rescued a new furbaby a couple of months ago and couldn't imagine my life without her (or my other girl)
Cath xxx
@ Bits 'n Bobs

Craftygyrl said...

Congratulations on your new member of your family! He is so darn cute!

dosierosie said...

So cute. We've had 2 rescue dogs now and both have been so loving.

SewAmy said...

I am such a dog person and I am so happy for you.

my cup of tea said...

What a sweetie!!! So happy you adopted a little prince!

suzitee said...

How cute is he? Im so glad you found room in your hearts for anotherfurbaby and Boswell looks like he has fitted right in :)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I'm so happy for you, Lisa. We never forget the loved ones who have passed, but there's nothing like a new fur ball to warm our hearts up again.

Lucky Boz has found a perfect forever home in you!

Hugs from me, and snuffles from Tag!

sweetcakes said...

So cute!! And what a great name! Congratulations!

Denise :) said...

Welcome to Boswell! He really is a cutie-pie! :)