Sunday, July 15, 2012

Embroidered Mandala

And kitty's! 
What could be more natural than embroidery and kitty-cats, they go hand in hand don't they?

Hi Everyone!

This is the 4th of 11 embroideries in the Spring Fling Tea Towel Swap I've been participating in, a peaceful, blue mandala for the one and only Victoria Crowder Payne.

Instead of a tea towel, Victoria has cut a very special piece of cloth in the shape of an apron which she will finish once all of the embroidery is complete.
This is her apron cloth so far, you can see my mandala in the upper left, Erin's gorgeous phoenix in the upper center, and Bascom's beautiful hare in the upper left.  In the lower right corner you can see Jack's wonderful little sweeper man, inspired by the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show. I can't wait to see this project once it's finished, there's so much goodness going on in this swap. I love my stitchy friends!!

Ready for some kitty lovin'? 

A couple of nights ago just after the heat wave broke, Sean had the dogs out for a walk and I happened to look out on the patio to find the kitty's relaxing on the warm concrete. I joined them, camera in hand and snapped a few pictures, they came out beautifully so I thought I'd show off my gorgeous cats. What a difference you see in your photos when you get down on their level. You guys don't might, right? 
(feel free to click the photos to enbiggen and gaze upon the kitty's)

My handsome old man, Egypt. He's just turned 18 years old. I've had him almost 1/2 of my life. He's my special guy.

Would you look how regal he is? Such a dignified kitteh. 

And of course, the Queen Chynee. My Chyna Cat Sunflower. Actually, she's Sean's Chyna Cat Sunflower, given to him by my mom on his 30th birthday, a tiny fur ball in the midst of a riot of hot pink tissue in a disco-gold gift bag. Can you imagine this rubenesque grand dame as a babe? You wouldn't recognize her, she was pure white with two small freckles on her nose which over the years grew into a heart. She just turned 11 years old this spring. She's a prissy thing. Fickle and proud. She doesn't like being held, affection is given on her terms and her terms alone, but when she gives it to you, she gives it in spades. Like a proper Queen.

So, what've you been up to, friends? Anything good? 
Tell me your summer plans!

p.s. Have you guys seen the July stitch-a-long on Feeling Stitchy? There are several cute patterns to choose from, so take your pick! I'm getting a late start, I just transferred my pattern tonight, time to get stitchin'!


SewAmy said...

I am still so jealous about the tea towel swap. I love seeing the pictures.

Sandy Leigh said...

This is apronology at its best! Makes me want to just cut out an apron shape right now and start stitching! But I can't seem to stop embroidering on an old pair of cutoffs right now. So fun. Take care! Sandy at EatWriteDreamStitch