Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sutter Creek With Mom

Hi All,
Today was such a nice day, I thought I'd share a little. My theory is, that maybe if I blog about something right away, I can stay more current with my blogging, as I seem to have hit a major stall with it the last couple of months. So sorry about that, y'all. I have so much to catch you up on, I'm working on it!

Today my mother and I went up the hill a little way to Sutter Creek for the Mother Lode Quilters Guild, Golden Threads Quilt show.  There was so much to see, and so much inspiration! Here are just a few pictures I snapped at the show, I know there's a lot, but these were my favorites.

My favorites (naturally) feature embroidery, look at this beautiful crazy quilted bed cover. The fabric was comprised of vintage feed sacks, but was a backdrop for the hand embroidery. 

Every single seam is covered in a rainbow of stitches!

 And this one! Gorgeously quilted and 
Using my mom as a reference, you can see how much embroidery is on this hand embroidered lilac quilt.

 Oh my goodness, that's a lot of densely packed lazy daisies!

Something about this last quilt just makes me smile! It's not the fanciest, or the most beautiful, but I'm just crazy about it. So silly & whimsical! Just good plain fun.
I get a lot of emails about this terrific Chicken Quilt, even years later, to be clear, I DID NOT MAKE THIS QUILT, I just saw it at a quilt show and snapped a picture to share. I have found a link to what I believe is the original pattern, and where this pattern can still be purchased. As for the chicken wire fabric, I found similar fabrics for sale here, here and here.

After the quilt show we did some perusing through the small gold mining town, and even visited a gourmet cheese shop and did a little tasting. Oh, baby! Lambchopper rules!

We lunched at this lovely, out of the way eatery called Susan's Place. The food and service were wonderful!

After lunch, we did a little more window shopping, and even a bit of real shopping at my favorite store in the whole town, The Antique Gardener, where I picked up a couple more goodies for my fairy garden. This is such a pretty store, if ever you're in the area, you must try to stop. Out back, they keep a variety of pretty flowers, veggies, and a variety of tiny plants, suitable for fairy gardens, which they have several of laying about the garden, tucked in here and there. These were my favorites.

I ADORE fairy gardens! I've got a great Pinterest board where I'm always adding lots of cute & USEFUL links, pop over and follow along if you'd like more of this kind of thing! Here is a link to my Fairy Garden Pin Board.

Like I said, such a nice day, truly wonderful. Before hitting the road to come home, we even popped into an old fashioned ice cream emporium for a cold, creamy treat, it really hit the spot. It was SO hot today.

I hope you've enjoyed a peek at the day I spent with Mom, we sure enjoyed having such a nice day!
Hope the rest of your weekend is as groovy as can be!


suzitee said...

I feel your struggle with the blogging Lisa...I've been neglecting mine a bit lately, even though I write lots of posts in my head :)
Looks like you had a wonderful day out! Quilt shows are very inspirational, and the embroidery looks amazing. I really need to embroider something soon...I'm having withdrawals! Susan's Place looks nice too ;)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Wow, what a really great post. It looks like you and your Mom had a wonderful day.

I love, love, love the chicken quilt. All the others are pretty...but the chicken quilt just makes me smile. :)

Can't wait to see what stitchy stuff you have been up to lately. :)

Bonnie said...

I love quilt shows. I only get to go to one a's not far from my house. The quilts you posted are beautiful! Also, how awesome is the Antique Gardener! I love the potted greenery with the miniature chairs!! That is so adorable! Makes me want to make one!!

Beedeebabee said...

You...struggle with blogging??? Get out! You're such a natural at it. I'm the one with bloggy struggles girlfriend! I loved this post Lisa. Your day with Mom sounded so lovely. Those quilts were just beautiful...and I so want to make a fairy garden myself. I never thought of doing one in it's own little bowl or box. I was just going to fit mine into the garden somewhere near a tree. I like the self contained fairy garden idea much better!
xoxo Paulette :)