Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Wishing all my American friends & family a 
Happy 4th of July!

To all my non-American friends, happy Wednesday!

Hope you're doing something fun and relaxing today! Will you be watching fireworks tonight?

A special thanks to our men & women serving in the armed forces.
 Here's my favorite soldier, my niece Alex.
This is too old a picture to be sharing, but it's all I've got handy. This was her graduation from Basic Training in the US Army (about two and a half years ago). I'm sure she has a few more ribbons on that lapel these days. She is going to be a made a Sargent soon!

Want to see something funny?

 Here's something else I found while rooting through photos from this set.
Ain't those glasses grand? HA! They're so corny! The soldiers call them BCG's, they are the mandatory eyewear for soldiers who wear glasses during basic. Anyone know what that stands for*? It's pretty funny!

Ok, I'd better get busy, having a few friends over for a little BBQ and fireworks tonight. 
Oh, and I'm making a small batch of apricot jam, woo! I've never made jam before, wish me luck.

*Birth Control Glasses - because yeah, no one will hit on a person wearing these awful spectacles! Lol...


SewAmy said...

Hope you had a wonderful 4th. Our was great!

giddy99 said...

Good luck with your jam! It's an addictive process, btw! I started in 2009, and I make jam every summer since. :)

suzitee said... glad you shared that piece of information...too funny!

Bonnie said...

so glad to see you back! Those glasses are funny! My hubby remembers them well...he still has his!