Friday, June 6, 2014

Little Lovelies ~ Linen Pincushions

Hello Everyone, happy Friday!

Today I thought I'd share some little handmade goodies with you. Do you like wildflowers?

These small pin cushions are some of my favorite things I've made, I want to keep them! Because everyone needs a dozen different pincushions, right?

I used 100% wool felt to make the flowers, which I cut freehand, then added embroidered stems and details wherever it seemed pretty.

Linen California Poppy Pincushion
California Poppies

Linen Echinacea Pincushion

Linen Forget-Me-Nots Pincushion
Forget Me Nots

Red Poppy on Linen Pincushion
Red Poppy

Little Leaves Linen Pincushion
Little Leaves

Dragonfly Linen Pincushion

Black Eyed Susan Linen Pincushion
Black Eyed Susan

Little Lovely Linen & Felt Pincushions

I made each of the cushions with linen on top and either a sagey green microfiber or purple velvet on the back. I really like these two backings, especially when I realized the don't slide of the arm of the sofa! Maybe if I make one for myself I'll stop sticking needles in the arm of  the couch? That's a really bad habit, y'all... The wee cushions are stuffed with crushed walnut hulls which give them a nice weight and help keep your pins & needles sharp. 

These little lovelies are now for sale at The Rowan Tree, in downtown Lodi, CA. If you're local pop in and have a look, it's a terrific little shop, if not local give the gals at the store a buzz, or shoot me an email, we'd be happy to pop one in the mail for you! This still seems such a dream to me, that I could actually be making things to sell. What a trip!

I'm thinking about opening a little Etsy (or similar) store as well as making for The Rowan Tree, but the thought gives me hives, I'm skeered! Do you have an Etsy or web store? Let's talk about it! What do you like, what do you not like? I'm barely, barely dipping a toe here, I don't know much about it and would LOVE your opinion, so please do share ~ I'm listening!

I hope you're having a fantastic spring, I can't believe it's already June!! My little Claire graduated from high school a couple nights ago, I thought I was dreaming... to me, she'll always be that rosy cheeked ballerina I remember from not so many years ago, in fact it seems like just yesterday. She's had so many obstacles over the years, we are so proud of her!



KreinikGirl said...

So pretty!

LindaSonia said...

I live far far away from California, so I, for one, wish you had an etsy shoppe! Your pincushions are beautiful.

Melissa said...

You should totally open an Etsy shop, or something similar. There are quite a few to pick from these days. You're products..tee hee, products, are so beautiful. How do I say this without sounding like I'm down on myself?...I can't think of a way to say it so I'll just say this...your stuff looks better (more professional?) than my stuff (you've been at this a lot longer than I) and I am selling my stuff. Point is, you will do great with an online store. You already have an established online presence with your blog and the groups you do exchanges with. People LOVE your stuff and have been asking if they can buy it for years. Give the people what they want! lol! As far as Etsy goes, it's got it's good and bad. There are a million people on there so getting your stuff seen can be a challenge. But again, you have a blog and FB and your groups so for you it may not be such a challenge. Etsy does charge some fees for listing and when you sell but it's reasonable. I think there are some other online shops without fees but I don't know how well they do...StoreEnvy is one that comes to mind. I think the biggest issue people have with Etsy is they no longer require their sellers to be handmade only. So maybe check out some of the other online stores...heck you can get a website going and create a store through there and skip the online stores all together. I think you have enough of a following that you could make that work for you! I'm happy you are finally selling your stuff. You have been a huge inspiration to me and I know you are going to be super successful. I can't wait to see all the beautiful things you create and I hope that one day my items are as amazing as yours!! xoxo

beadgirl said...

I have a teeny tiny etsy store, which remains teeny tiny because I don't have the time to market it the way I should. And yet I still make the occasional sale, enough to more than cover listing fees. I suspect you, with your *gorgeous* work and big fanbase, might do quite well! It's easy to run, and requires little direct commitment.

Bits of Stitching! said...

These are indeed lovely! They should go fast!