Friday, April 25, 2014

Fruit & Bear Learn To Stitch

Hi Y'all!
Recently I got to hang out with a couple of my teenage nieces for a whole entire weekend and we had a grand ol' time, the best kind of girls weekend. We ate too much, talked and talked and talked, watched movies, painted our nails, listened to music, talked some more, good times, I tell ya, good times! And then something really cool happened... they asked me to teach them to stitch! Seriously, I thought they were pulling my leg, but they were totally into it.

Like, OMGeee!

I already had a couple of darling motifs that they liked from Amiee Ray's Doodle Stitching traced onto fabric and hooped up (left over from my long ago Creativi-tea party - ooh, I need to do another one of those, that was fun!) so I grabbed some extra needles and scissors and got down to it. We stuck to the back stitch for these little embroideries and the girls caught on really well. These are their first embroideries.

The Little (Stitched) Mermaid

Aren't they great!?

Rainbows & Pink Clouds

And here are the worlds newest (and cutest) stitchers!  

Fruit & Bear
Fruit & Bear and their happy little stitches.

I enjoyed showing the girls how to get started so much. They were already talking about other things they'd like to try. Muahaha! I snagged them, they'll never be the same again, muahaha, muahaha!

I can't wait to spend some more time with the girls, I mean, they're super fun and I love hanging out with them anyway, but add stitching to the mix and shazam, heaven!

Wishing you all a fun weekend! What'cha got planned?
Do tell!

p.s. Fruit & Bear?? Nicknames since they were babies, Hannah-banana would have been much to common so it had to be "Fruit" (naturally, right?) and Claire... well, obviously, she's our Claire-bear. I love them so!


Pat said...

Hi Lisa, I love that these two young ladies are keen to learn to embroider .. and so much satisfaction for you to pass on an 'old-fashioned' stitching craft too!
:) Pat xx

Beedeebabee said...

Those two cutie pies had the very best teacher that's for sure! I just know you made their stitching lesson tons of fun Lisa, and they did sooo good! xoxo

Rebecca Greco said...

These turned out great! What a fun way to spend the weekend! I hope they keep stitching!