Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lucky Girl

Thank you all so much for your kind emails and comments about Egypt, he really was a gent. He will be greatly missed. Happier news for today!

Not long ago, Sean and I got all gussied up and went to the prom (look, there's proof, I'm an actual girl! A girl who wears dresses even!). Wait, I know what you're thinking, you're a bit old to be going to the prom aren't you, Lisa? Yes, ahem, yes I am. This particular prom was at our local Moose Lodge, and to be honest, I had WAY more fun at this prom with my hubby than I did way back in 1992 at the tender age of 17. That whole night was kind of a drag, this one was much better and we danced our butts off. Youth is wasted on the young, but I digress...

At this prom there was a positive smorgasbord of  raffle prizes and among them I did spy with my little eye some embroidered treasures. You can bet this girl sashayed over and dumped all her tickets into the two baskets with hand embroidered items... naturally, right? Well guess what! I got luckier on this prom night than that disaster long ago (shazam!) and I won the item I really, really wanted! Let's look!

This is a hand embroidered lap quilt/wall hanging, and it's the prettiest thing.

So much work and detail in this beautiful quilt.

Added bonus, Sean and I were seated at the same table for dinner as the woman who stitched this, her name was Phyllis, and let me tell you what, she was a firecracker! I'm guessing she was in her late 70's or early 80's and she was an absolute hoot! Dirty jokes and gossip the whole evening, I loved it! 

She was really excited when I told her I'd hoped to win the embroidered quilt, she stood right up and said "oh yeah? well I made that! It took me a long time, I kept falling asleep." Her husband corroborated this story with by imitating his wife stitching and nodding off, head lolling to the side. HA!

I told her that I also loved all kinds of embroidery and we talked about it for a while. Said she's always afraid she's going to get jabbed because she keeps sticking her needles in the arm of her couch. Me too! If she hasn't broken that habit, I don't hold out much hope for myself.

When they pulled the ticket and called my number and Sean ran up to claim my prize she was very pleased, and boy howdy, so was I! It meant a lot to her that someone who appreciates how much work and time went into making this got to take it home and love it. We know that feeling, don't we?

Gorgeous, right? I am so lucky.

I need to add some loops to the back so I can hang it on a dowel, should be pretty simple.

I practically *never* win anything, I was so happy to win the very thing I wanted, so awesome.
What have you been up to friends, keeping cool in this hot weather? I have a feeling this summer's going to be a scorcher!

Happy Hump Day!


Mãos e manias said...

My favourite colour is blue...really lucky girl ;-)

Have a nice day!

Becky said...

Hahahah - how funny. I love meeting folks like those 2. Lucky you is correct. It's adorable.

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

So lucky! A gorgeous quilt and a great story to go with it.

Marilyn said...

How fun to go to the prom with your husband and also be a winner!

parTea lady said...

How beautiful, and blue and white to boot. So glad you won the raffle prize you admired the most.

Chris said...

So glad that you guys had a great night out! And you came home with this beautiful piece. Ir reminds me of the Blue Willow china.
Have a great week!

Bits of Stitching! said...

How Super Awesome!!! Congrats!!! It is a gorgeous quilt indeed!!! Being able to spend time with the maker of the very quilt you felt in love with and on top of that to win it... how extraordinaire!!!