Thursday, May 1, 2014

April In Instagrams

Hi Guys, Happy May Day!
I thought today I'd do a quick recap of what I've been posting over on Instagram during the month of April. I really like Instagram, I'm a total convert. It's just so quick & simple, it's hard to ignore its ease of use. Snap, post, viola!

I love my blog, I could never quit you, Blogger! But maybe I can marry Blogger & Instagram, with little posts like this every so often. I hope you won't mind. ♥

1.) Teeny, tiny felt quilt! It's only 3/4" x 1.5"! Just goofing around for now, looking toward some things for this fall.
2.) I love Dala Horses! I found this cute printable on Pinterest and made a little hanging doo-dad just for kicks.
3.) Tambour Embroidery! I bought the dang tool which means I'm committed to learning how to use it. I have plans! I'm really having a tough time getting the hang of it though, I keep snagging the fabric and losing the thread on the upstitch. This video is great, but I'm still struggling, got any advice for me? Maybe I just need more practice. Which means I need more time.

Speaking of time...
Quilty Stitches, y'all! Are you doing it too? Little Miss Shabby is hosting this stitch along comprised of cross stitched quilt blocks, I dig it! I'm limiting myself to one stitch along this year and this is it. Sadly, I hadn't touched this project in probably two months because I've been working on so many other projects in the evenings. Taking a page from my friend Crystal's book, I've brought this project to work and I've been stitching on my lunch break as often as I can. I even brought my Kindle to work so I can watch movies & stitch. It's nice, I turn the lights off (plenty of natural light), close my office door, stream something good (bouncing between Pride & Prejudice and The Paradise at the moment, oh Darcy, oh Moray... I can't quit you either!) and stitch like the wind! I'm only getting between 30-45 minutes, but hey, PROGRESS! I'll carve out those moments anywhere I can.

And then it was Easter!
I colored eggs with my girlfriend Dez over a couple of cocktails one evening, that's the way to do it! We used to color eggs together when we were little girls, it was fun to do it again as grown ups. Then I arranged those eggs in a rainbow because you know I love me some rainbows. Oh, and looky there! That's the first incarnation of Petunia Cottontail! See, early peeks! Instagram is great for early peeks at WIP's. I love seeing progress shots of people's work and regular life, things they wouldn't necessarily post about on their blogs, so for a voyeur such as myself, Instagram is fab.

Plenty of random silliness, too because I can be a silly & random. 
1.) The fairy garden gnomes bossing me around.
2.) TBT, me & my little brother Greggy. I'm not into selfies but I am into my family & friends.
3.) My Harry Potter socks. Because the world needs to know I'm a 39 year old woman who proudly wears Harry Potter socks to work. Right? Yes.

Critters are always good fun! 
Egypt! Lola! (with me in bunny ears, didn't I just say I wasn't into selfies? Hmm... I'm often contradictory as well as silly & random) Big Red! He's not mine, he just kept me company while I was having my car worked on, he's the large & lovable shop cat at my mechanic's place. I like him. 

So yeah, Instagram won't you? If you're already there, smack me around and make me notice, or leave your link in the comments below, I'd love to see what you're up to, too!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend (just a little early)!


Catherine said...

Instagram is easy and fun, I agree; though the blog is always home.
Very nice. Blessings, Catherine

my cup of tea said...

Love all your sweet projects Lisa! The first one is the size of a domino! So amazing!

SewAmy said...

I love IG and love seeing you on my Instagram feed!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

I love instagram, too!