Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Pins

I just can't seem to stop myself playing with more hearts this week, I'm beginning to understand why my pal loves them so much, they're so versatile!

This sweetie pie crust heart is a pin that I made for a friend, this is our third year swapping Valentines. 
Embroidered Felt Heart Pin by Lisa Leggett
This year we decided to make each other pins, something pretty to pin to our sweaters for Valentine's Day and this flowery heart is what I made for her. When you see what I got you'll agree that she got the short end of the stick, she spoils me! 

This little pin was the first to fly from my fingers this year, sort of a practice piece, but none too shabby, so I sent it far, far away. All the way to Korea where my niece Alex is currently stationed with the US Army. She isn't a girly-girl, so I think she'll like the more "not-so-cuteishness" of it with the touches of black. 
Embroidered Felt Heart Pin by Lisa Leggett

Embroidered Felt Heart Pin by Lisa Leggett

And speaking of black, here's one more for a good friend, a bad boy, my chum, Sic. Yes, Sic. 
He's rad, you'd like him.
I only wish now that I'd thought to add little devils horns at the tops of the heart, that would have been perfect for him. Sigh... there's always next year.

That's not all the hearty goodness I have to share, stay tuned! 
Are busy making Valentine's tonight? Do tell!


Beedeebabee said...

Oh you are such a cutie pie I can't stand it!!! I LOVE all you beautiful hearts Lisa! They are so addicting aren't they? Wishing you lots of choco covered hugs and kisses tomorrow sweetie pie! xoxo Paulette :)

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Cute cute cute!!! Happy Valentine's Day Lisa!!

TheMistressT said...

Your creations are always so beautifully detailed and precise! I don't know how you do it and so frequently.