Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Big Heart

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you've all had a simply smashing Valentine's Day, have you done anything special?

We had a quiet evening here at home, dinner (Korean Beef , so good!) and a Walking Dead catch up, good times. My honey has to work in the morning, so we're saving our date for tomorrow night, going to a Sweethearts Ball at the Moose Lodge. Oh! I forgot to tell you, we're Moose now! Well, Sean is a Moose, I am a "Woman of the Moose". I wonder if there'll be a secret handshake? 

So earlier this week I came across this pin of a giant cross stitched heart and was so inspired, I had to try a smaller version for my family room right away. 

I bought a piece of red poster board from JoAnn's for $1.79 (with my handy 40% off phone app coupon) and strategically punched holes, after graphing a big heart out on graph paper. Then I stitched the design with big, fluffy yarn.

Hey look, it's the neatest back-of-a-cross stitch you'll ever see from me! Probably a fluke. Anyway, after the design was stitched and I evened things up by cutting the poster board evenly around the heart, then I mounted the entire thing to foam core I already had left over from another project with double sided stick tape.

Those couple pieces of scotch tape are where I accidentally punched more holes than I needed - whoopsies! I simply took the little circle I punched out, put it back and covered it with tape. You can't even see it from the front, not at all, whew!

I used a length of satin ribbon and two long sewing pins pushed into the foam core as hanging hardware and put this baby on the wall,

My girlfriend sent me the most perfect goodies in our Valentine swap which make for a very happy little scene together with the big heart, just look! Two new embroideries, a cute Valentine print out, a wee bucket of sweets and a beautiful Valentine Pin!  

Pam is such a great stitcher, just look at this darling little pup in a basket! He is oh, so sweet.

I do love this big heart. In fact, I'm already planning to make one out of painted wood to leave up permanently. Hearts are okay year round in my book!

The little bunting on the lamp shade is from last years door wreath, reuse and recycle, kids!

When I make the wooden stitched heart, I'll definitely be sure to share. Speaking of sharing, I can't wait to show you the little table runner I made this week as well (I've been a very industrious crafty lady this week!), I think it's one of my all time favorite projects, so come back and visit again soon.

Have a great weekend, sweetstuffs!


Pat said...

Goody .. Can't wait to see it!
Pat xx

TheMistressT said...

Such a perfect Valentine's vignette! Perfect looking and full of love from you and to your from friends!

Beedeebabee said...

What a great idea! It will be beautiful done on wood as well....Such sweet goodies from your friend. :) Her embroidery is just precious and I love the way you arranged it all. So pretty! xoxo