Saturday, February 25, 2012

Swapping Is Fun!

Hello All!
I wanted to share the other half of my Valentine's Day swap with you last week, but the cord that connects my camera to my computer disappeared... now that I've got that resolved (and it's just occurred to me as I'm typing this that, hello, I could have just put the memory card into the computer... doy! If I used my noggin' the way I'm supposed to, I'd be dangerous!) I'm back on track.

As you may recall, my partner for this swap was the wonderful & fabulous Pam, you might know her from her super fun and cheery blog Faster Kittykill. I like it there, it's a nice place with lots of glitter and puppies. Sometimes I hang out at Pam's blog and just dream of the day I get to hang out in her cool-ass tiki yard in Portland and have cocktails with her. She's awesome, possum.

The whole package, I tell ya! Even the outside of the box is special.

Ooooh, what's in here?? At this point I can tell you I started making little grabby hands and squeaky sounds.

Would ya look at this haul! There's so much good going on there! From right to left, there's an adorable little lunch tote filled with the prettiest delicate little sugar cubes topped with iced flowers, handmade tea wallet, a new tub of lip shimmer, a Love Bot, a new mug (which I'm sipping coffee from right this moment), Bee Mine Valentine rings, treats for Lola, and two gorgeously stitched vintage hankies. Let's take a closer look at those handmade goodies!

This little tea wallet is just the best, I love the fabrics and the stitching, just look at that perfect blanket stitch. 

Here's the inside, perfect for a few bags to take on the road.

Oh you guys, this tea is lovely! So good with sugar & milk, a treat all on it's own.

Here is the the first of the TWO hankies Pam stitched for me, isn't it great? A lady in a pretty window stitching and conversing with a songbird. When I saw this I ran to my purse because I thought I had a matching one. I always have at least one pretty hankie in my purse. I collect them, so why not always have one on ya?

Alas... not a match, but close - the colors are very similar. I really do always have one (and sometimes two) with me, they're dead useful, and not just for blowing your nose, in fact I can't say that I've ever used a hankie to blow my nose. Real life moment here, girls... ever have the under wire in your brassiere snap unexpectedly? I have, and I can tell you, having one of these pretty, little babies in your purse will save you from being stabbed to death until you can get home or to a department store for a replacement. 

This is the second stitched hankie, such sweet kitties! They remind me of my own two kitty cats, Chyna Cat Sunflower & Egypt The Great.

I love these two hankies ever so! I'm concocting plans for them. I think I might mount the first one so that I can hang it on the wall so everyone can see it. The kitty one may be a pillow some day ♥

So that's my wonderful Valentine Swap! It was really fun putting Pam's box together, but it was even more fun to getting a package from her.
Thanks again for everything Pam, it was all so very perfect!

I hope you all are having a great weekend, it's beautiful outside here today, I think we might seize the opportunity to grab some of this early spring sunshine, maybe take a scooter ride and get some lunch. Nothing like crisp air in your face on a sunny day.


kittykill said...

I had so much fun swapping with you. It was such a blast. You are the most awesomest ever!

SewAmy said...

look at all thoses goodies. what fun! I love both of your blogs.

Bonnie said...

What a wonderful package! I can understand how excited you were! I would have been too! The hankies are to die for! I love stuff like that as well. How fun!

Jill said...

Such a fun swap! That tea wallet is so clever and totally adorable. I love that she sent so many fun goodies-- every little detail was so thoughtful and cute!

Jill said...

Such a fun swap! That tea wallet is so clever and totally adorable. I love that she sent so many fun goodies-- every little detail was so thoughtful and cute!