Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Stitching Is Sublime!

It really is, you'll see! Ok, this was the last of my Swap-bot embroidery swaps from August. The theme of this swap was Sublime Stitching. Everybody already knows about Sublime Stitching, right? Right!Looking back, I was cranking out some serious stitchery in August! It's no wonder my garden went to pot, I was inside on the couch stitching away the summer... 

I'm excited to show you this one guys! Turns out the partner chosen for me on this swap, was none other than Snifferoski, aka Keni, (Hi Keni!) who was the first person I swapped with when I joined Swap-bot. I sent her this piece, remember?

Check it out what Keni made for me!
First, there's this hot little dish!
Ack! Isn't she adorable?? I want to call her Trixie for some reason. I love her, she's perfect!

And as if that wasn't enough...

Keni also made me something so super special that I had to sit down when I opened the package.
Oh my. Not only do I love mermaids, which I really, really do.

This was my VERY MOST FAVORITE book as a kid.

When I was in the 4th grade, every day after the lunch recess my teacher, Mrs. Diohep, would read to us for a few minutes. Those precious minutes were my favorite of any day. I think she did it to calm us down and return our focus to the classroom after our playground antics. I don't know if teachers still have the time and/or freedom to do such things. I sure hope so, but it seems like they have such a tight schedules to keep. To me, that time was so valuable. Twenty-seven years later, the clearest memory I have of the 4th grade is listening to Mrs. Diohep read to us. I can still imagine it, I'd put my head down on my desk and close my eyes... and just listen... Where The Sidewalk Ends was one of the books she read to us. She also read us A Light In The Attic (another of my favorites) Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing, and Indian In The Cupboard. These are classics, right? Even kids today like these books... don't they? I still do.

I'm getting a little sidetracked again, I do that a lot... sorry about that. I was reminiscing...

If you are a dreamer, come in...

The first line, of the first poem in Where The Sidewalk Ends.
Thank you Keni, this means so much to me!

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

The piece I stitched for my partner was also from Sublime Stitching's Krazy Kitchen transfer set. That's the same set where Trixie, up there came from. I made my partner, Amanda who loves vintage kitchen goodies and who loves to cook, a pretty dish towel. I also sent her some cute napkins and a new set of measuring spoons that, while not vintage, kind of had a vintagy feel. I love that Tang orange!
{Sorry for the badly lit picture... it really was a cute dish towel, I promise.}

All righty then kiddos, this just about wraps up my summer swaps! Thanks for all your wonderful and always encouraging comments along the way, and thanks again to my bloggy friend Jacquie for turning me on to Swap-bot, in the first place. This has been a fun thing to do. You never know what surprises you'll end up getting in the mail! It's more fun than bills, I can tell you that much! I'm a little sad to say that this is probably the last Swap-bot swap I'll do for a little while... cuz, you know... "that" time of year is coming. Don't get me wrong, I love "that" time of year, but it requires time when you make all your gifts by hand.
Lots and lots of time. 

Speaking of which, it's already past my bedtime, so this happy blogger is going to hit the hay and dream for a while.
Sweet dreams, my friends!


Itch2stitch.com said...

Beautiful stitching! I love the book too! Susie x

Anonymous said...

OH!!! i'm soooo happy you love it so! you're pics of it look so nice, mine were all wrinkly! here's the best part though, i have those exact same measuring spoons!!! i also have teal measuring cups to go with them!

Jill said...

Great stitchin'-- all of it! Love the dishtowel. Love it!
PS: I'm going to buy socks today. (hee hee) :)

Margie said...

Swap-bot? I never heard of it, but it sounds like fun! I'm going to check it out!

All of the stitchery is awesome! and I LOVE your banner picture!!! Did you make those flowers, and how did you make them, they are too sweet!

Have a lovely day!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Krazy Kitchen is such a classic, it's one of my favs. I love the quote she added to yours, awesome.

You both did a great job :) I too am starting on xmas, no swappys for a while!

Andrea said...

Hi Lisa,
I have just found your blog and I love it! I spied your Mary Engelbreit cup and saucer on your blog header and I am a huge fan of Marys!
I love the dish towel you stitched, I am now going to have a good read of your blog and I look forward to your future posts,

Michelle May said...

Ah yes...4th grade and my teacher Mrs. Roar. Reading to us Tales of the 4th grade nothing. Fudge. Oh how I looooooooved it. My favorite time too and many happy memories. So fun to get lost in the magic of books.
xx, shell
oh..love your stitcheries!!!

parTea lady said...

All the stitchery you showed today is wonderful. I love the poem too.

Beedeebabee said...

What great swaps, Lisa! Trixie and the mermaid are beautiful, and I love the towel you stitched up with all those sweet little motifs! I'm sure Amanda loves it too! xo Paulette

Sandi Butler said...

Great stitcheries! Trixie's name does suit her. Love the dish towel too with all those fab vintage motifs.