Monday, September 13, 2010

Phat Quarter Movie Swap

Recently I participated in an embroidery swap hosted by the group Phat Quarter over on Flickr. This was my first swap with this group, and one I was particularly nerve wracked about. Have you visited Phat Quarter before? There are some seriously talented stitchers who contribute to that group. Like seriously talented, and smart and funny and so on, and so on...

I know my stitchery is, you know... ok. I mean, I'm usually happy with how things come out, and I don't think I'm a schlep or anything, but I'm not overly confident either. I'm not a pro, I don't have an Etsy shop nor do I have any formal training in art or embroidery. I just like to stitch fun stuff. Shoot, it was only a year ago that I first picked up needle and thread. I'm not fishing for compliments here, this was a real concern for me, I didn't know if I was going to be able to produce something on par with the standard of talent over there. Tiny fish/big ocean... See? But you'll never know if you can swim if you don't get in the water, so into the ocean I plunged!

The theme of the swap, movies!

I was partnered with a really cool chic-a-dee who gave me freedom, carte blanche, to stitch what I liked for her. Yippeeee! I love movies! Ooooh, what to make, what to make? When in doubt I turn to my favorites!

Folks, if you haven't seen this movie do yourself, and your funny bone a favor and rent it straight away.
Forget about renting, buy it.
It's that good.

But how to interpret "a romantic comedy, with zombies"? Hmm.
When in doubt, I also turn to Google. Twenty-five pages into an image search... and viola! Sadly I can not take credit for the design, but I take total credit for the execution!
(LOL... Get it? Execution? Aim for the head!!)

You've got red on you.
I took a simple wooden hoop and used the Minwax pen that's usually used to touch up my furniture when it's been banged into. This worked *perfectly* I really loved the results! I think I'll buy a couple more of these pens in different colors just for staining embroidery hoops. Woodstain in a pen, brilliant! The stain took to the wooden embroidery hoop like magic.

Originally I had planned to cover the back of the piece so that Bethany wouldn't have to see the wonky business on the back. I chose red, natch, and made a bouquet like the one Shaun gives his mum in the movie.
Alas, sometimes I can't measure worth a darn and I ended up cutting the circle too small, then couldn't affix it to the back properly, so I didn't use this piece in the end... ce la vie.

Bethany and I had joked about her mailman a little, so I wanted to give him something "interesting" to look at when he made his deliveries this day. This is the mailing label that I made for the outside of her package.
The Zombie goodness over floweth. Into the mail it went.
I waited with baited breath for my partner to get her package. What if she hadn't seen the movie, what if she'd seen it and thought it was lame... what if she opened the envelope and was like "WTH?" 

But my little Fingerpistol is much too rad for those fears, and  joy of joys she LOVED it! Wheeeeeeew! Bethany sent me what is seriously one of the best emails of my life.
No joke, I've probably read it 30 times, I get all weepy when I read it too.

As it turns out, Shaun of the Dead is also one of her favorite movies!
Bethany, I'm SO glad you love your piece. This was really fun to stitch, and I couldn't have had a better partner, you're so funny and ridiculously awesome. I think I love you.

About a day after I had mailed off my piece to Bethany, I received in the mail the piece that was made for me by my partner, Joanne Donn.

Holy smokes!
Whoa! That's David Bowie!! Swoon!
I ♥ Labyrinth!!
This beautiful piece looks deceptively simple, but it most certainly is not. Joanne drew a very intricate labyrinth on the fabric then embroidered Jareth, the Goblin King's image and the title of the movie over the labyrinth itself. You can read about the steps she took on her blog, A Crafter At Sea. Joanne finished the piece on the back with the softest, camel colored felt. I love to hold this piece, it's wonderful. It now hangs over my sewing desk.
Do you guys remember this movie?? I bought it on Amazon today! I can't wait until it comes in the mail and I can see it again!

That about wraps up this movie swap, whadya think?

I think what I gained (in addition to two new stitchy friends) was a whole bunch of confidence. I am happy to report that my/Bethany's "Shaun" piece was well received in the Phat Quarter photo pool. I am so glad that I metaphorically jumped into the ocean!

I have a few more swappy things to share with you guys this week, so stay tuned!


Angela McRae said...

What a fun post! So happy to hear you made such a great swap and a great new friend, it sounds like!

Beedeebabee said...

Keep jumping into that ocean, can swim as well as the rest of them fishes!! ;) What a great about imagination! Both your piece and Joanne's are just wonderful! ... I love reading your posts. You always crack me up! xoxo Paulette

Jill said...

Loved seeing that zombie piece again-- so brilliant!! Don't ever doubt your talents girl. I still can't believe that you've only been stitching for a year. Oh, and girlie, you can draw! I love that label you made!! How fun it must have been for her to receive that package!!

GardenofDaisies said...

Hi there. I'm having a little giveaway on my blog. Stop by sometime this week.

Hootie said...

Wow! All around! I LOVE always reading what you've been up to LIsa. Do you sleep? Or maybe you are one of those fantastic to read a book, stitch and sleep all at once!!! :)

I <3 your energy and talents!


Leah said...

Wow, I love your piece! Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies! Actually, so is Labyrinth. Hooray for David Bowie in blue tights! :D