Friday, September 17, 2010

Creative ADD

Yup... Creative Attention Deficit Disorder. I've got it.  My brain is a hive, a buzz with creative plans right now. Each one fiercely pulling in completely different directions. Argh!

I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow... gotta make a blanket tonight, that fabric is sitting on the guest bed waiting. I have another bunch of fabric sitting next to it, waiting to be made into another something and mailed as soon as possible, to a very homesick college student. Mom's birthday is in two weeks, I started her present, but I got distracted, and that project is all over my sewing table. I have one more embroidery swap to complete on Swap-bot... it's due in less than two weeks... I haven't even chosen a design yet. I've also been fiddling with some little craft's for two tea parties that I have booked next weekend, both Saturday and Sunday (oye!)... stamping and die cutting are involved, so that stuff is also spread around my *tiny* crafty area. {I'm making a big effort to keep that stuff contained to one room, it's getting budgie in there} Then there's still the matter of that unfinished quilt to be dealt with, and holy cow! It's already past the date I promised myself I'd start my Christmas projects. Oh, and did I mention that I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow and I have to make a baby blanket tonight? Oh, I did? Bah! I'm corn~fuzed.

Too much, too much. I do this to myself all the time... Why do I do this? Do you guys do this? I think I usually work well under an element of pressure, but right now I just feel scattered. So, in my infinite wisdom, and as the minutes tick by, I'm stopping to have a chat and a show & tell with you guys. I love you guys by the way... you're the nicest bunch of folks ever. You keep me inspired to keep making and doing. You're the bomb.

This show & tell is a little birthday gift I made recently for one of my best friends, Lorna. Lorna and I go WAY back. Time and obligations have taken us apart at different times over the years, but we've always managed to stay in each others lives. We're strong right now, maybe stronger than we've ever been. We've been meeting once a week at the Farmers Market all summer. A quick beer at our favorite place, a little "girl time", some heart to hearts. Then it's a hug & a kiss, I love you's and "see you next week"! It's not a lot of time, but we're not greedy. We take what we can get. I love that girl, she's an amazing soul and so beautiful, inside & out.

This picture is from my birthday last summer (2009), left to right is Lorna, yours truly and my sister-in-luv, Apryl.

Where was I? Oh! Show & tell...

A book mark for my friend, so she won't lose her place.

With some fancy embroidered flowers...
And magnets inside so there'll be no slipping from between the pages.

Ahh... I feel better, I always do after sharing with all of youts... I can feel my focus returning. I better take advantage of it and get that blanket made, only a few hours left!

Bye~bye chick-a-doodles!


Jill said...

Wow, Girlie-- you have got a lot going on!! I can't wait to see all these great projects. I hope you take pictures of all of it!
I'm looking forward to the tea party coming up soon. You've got me very curious about what you're making!!!! I'm so excited!!

Genie said...

...And I thought I had a lot on the table. My pile is nothing compared to yours. I plan to work all weekend...gotta get my 25 match boxes packaged up to mail out for the swap, work on my Halloween banner, and practice shooting with my digital camera OFF of automatic. I love the little bookmark....the flowers are so dainty. Did you put the magnets inside to make it a bit heavier? Bookmarks are so much more fun to use that bits of paper or old envelopes. Hope you have a little time to rest this weekend.


Jennifer Stumpf said...

Such a cute bookmark! Love it! Oh, I think we ALL have that stitching/quilting/sewing OCD going on, don't we? My desk is piled so high, it makes me want to weep. Or laugh. It depends on how well my current projects are going, because I agonize over every detail. I am working on six things at once right now and I actually finished one! I'm so proud of myself. :-)

suzitee said...

LOL Lisa...that is EXACTLY how I feel sometimes! So many great ideas, so little time.
Don't forget to breathe...and take photos to show us before you move onto the next thing :)
I am trying very hard to stay on top of my to-make list...yesterday I finished a bag for my besties 40th birthday...back in July! Oops! Lucky she likes me :) said...

I know that feeling when you seem to be spreading yourself out too much, you certainly have a lot to do! Love the bookmark! Susie xxx

Hootie said...

Don't forget to breathe now and then! :)

Michelle May said...

That's how it is with creative minds. Never enough time for all the fun we try to pack in. Somehow though we get it done and then we do it all over again and ask ourselves the same question! hee,hee,hee.
xx, shelll
Love your bookmark by the way!

Becca said...

Found your blog this morning and I'm happy to say I enjoyed my visit, I'll be returning often. I too have joined swaps and not received my package. However, I still join and have fun. I'm glad your not discouraged by someone's "bad manners". Hope you have a great day. I'll be back soon.

parTea lady said...

You do have a crazy busy schedule. Looking forward to seeing all those finished projects. The bookmark is really pretty.

I thought that at this stage of my life I'd be able to slow down a little - Not Happening! Having two young grandsons and their Mom living with us keeps us busy.

Beedeebabee said...

Lisa, My head started spinning just reading about everything you've got in the works over there! You'll do it though, I know you will...and thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You always manage to perk me up! xo Paulette ;)