Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh, The Things I've Stitched

Hi Guys,
So here's a look back at the things I stitched for the tea towel swap over the last year that we just finished, I've blogged some of these things, but not all. It's really neat to see these images together, and funny too, such an eclectic mix. I love these people, I was happy to stitch these things for them.

Dancing Fox
For Jill

Vegas Show Girl
For Erin

Jack B. Nimble
For Jack

Circular Mandala

Corn Dog
For Bascom

Lil Pink Machine
For Becky

Sweet Gnome
For Becky

Tattoo Flash
For Jo

Shroomy Gnome
for Crystal

For Pam

Dear Deer
For Tara

Good times, good people!


Charlotte Huffman said...

I love them all, but especially love the showgirl.

Angela McRae said...

So impressed with all that you've managed to embroider! And I also love that this is "not your grandmother's embroidery," to employ an overused (but nonetheless true) phrase. I think you are preserving this art/craft form for another generation!

alexandrea said...

Hi there! I saw your deer on the blog "Feeling Stitchy" so I had to see what else you're up to because that deer is so amazing. So much lovely-ness!

Then I noticed you're in Lodi...I'm in Manteca! I even used to work in Lodi! :) I was very excited to come across someone local and crafty in the blogging world. :)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I would love in on that swap if it's open next go around!

Beedeebabee said...

Your embroidery is just BEAUTIFUL! You've got some very busy, very talented little stitchy fingers! Your swapping buddies must of been thrilled with these special treasures! xoxo

TheMistressT said...

I love this post! I should get all the images of my stitches on these towels together, myself.