Friday, May 10, 2013

Fabric Covered Binders

Hi Guys!
Today I wanted to show you something I did last weekend, a very quick, simple little project which came out great, and that you might like to try yourself. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a good one; easy, useful, cheap (and by cheap, I mean free!) and pretty. What more could you want in a Pin? 

I followed this pin to the source, gathered my materials (I already had everything I needed), and jumped in. I used some old binders from work, ugly, and still in good shape, but headed for the trash. I nabbed them just in time! As you can see, it doesn't matter what kind of binders you start with, they'll be totally covered when you're done.
The directions are very easy to follow, and in just a few minutes, I was done! I covered two of these binders in a half hour, which included finding fabric in my stash, pulling everything together, ironing the fabric flat, cutting & assembly.


I am going to use these binders to stash my embroidery & sewing patterns and stencils. I picked up a packet of clear, heavy weight page protectors to store small pieces of patterns and templates and help keep everything organized.

This is my current and very dysfunctional pattern storage situation, it's a mess! One binder with everything squashed in willynilly. This is no good, patterns and pages are constantly slipping out and falling everywhere. Yuck.

(Yes, I do have a Barbie on a Vespa. Whut?)
Now everything has a home and sits together nice & pretty, until I pull it out and make a mess, that is! Haha, that's kind of the name of the crafting & making game though, isn't it? As my husband often says "Where Lisa goes, mess follows." He's not entirely wrong, but I keep trying.

I hope you'll give these a shot if you're into organization, you could use them for all kinds of things, like recipes  checklists, storing bills, idea books, anything really. They couldn't be easier and the options are unlimited as far as fabric goes. Let me know if you do, I'd love to see!



Beedeebabee said...

Hi Lisa! I love how you prettied up those binders, AND that shelf full of adorable goodies is just so cute! Have a fun and crafty weekend sweet girl! xoxo

Hilary said...

I love your pink Barbie Vespa! So cute! Thanks for sharing this craft, seems simple enough and I love the result! Hope you had a great weekend!