Thursday, March 21, 2013


We hit a little milestone on Sunday, one year with Boswell! It was his "gotcha" day. 

Last year on St. Patrick's Day he came home with us and became part of our family, a lucky day for us both. It's been a bumpy ride with this little guy, let me tell ya. He sure is stubborn for a wee doggie, he definitely has a mind of his own (not to mention "Napoleon complex"). But he's also the sweetest, snuggliest little bugger you'd ever want to know. He's actually asleep under my elbow as I sit here writing this.

Boswell loves everyone he meets, men, women, children, and the feeling is nearly always mutual. People love him. He's a small dog, only 14 pounds, but he doesn't have that shaky nervousness about him. He's a happy, confident, easy going guy. 

He's so chill he even lets me do stupid things like this, hang great big, sparkly shamrocks on him and take his picture, not that he likes it. Notice that he's not looking at me in any of these pictures?

And how he keeps yawning? He was annoyed with me because I was giggling my butt off. But he endured it, he was humors me and I made it worth his while, he was paid in kisses and corned beef.

Here comes my public service announcement, are you ready?

There are so many hundreds, no, thousands of terrific dogs (and cats, meow!) just like Boswell waiting in shelters and in foster homes all over the country. Fancy purebreds and wonderful mutts alike, they are waiting for a forever home where they can live and love and learn and thrive! 
When and if you're in a position to add to your critter family, I urge you to please consider pet adoption from an animal shelter or rescue group. This is a cause close to my heart, and I know many of yours. We animal lovers have to be advocates for our little friends because they don't have a voice of their own. Petfinder is a fantastic resource where you can  begin your search as it pulls information and pet profiles from shelters and rescue groups all over the country. Petfinder lead us to Boswell. 
Lest you might think I've forgotten about my other dog, Lola... oh no, she's just not as patient as Boz, I tried to get a shamrock picture of her too... this was the best I achieved, which I caption as follows:
"Don't even think about it, lady!"

At any rate, we made it a year, yay us! Yay Boz!
Here's to a hundred more!



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I get kind of angry,,no really angry when people I know buy dogs at the local puppy mills. Its gotten to be big business in the local Amish community. My pooches have come from The Pet Refuge and have been the best friends. My theory is that they love us so much because we rescued them from Puppy Jail.

I'm following you..another like minded blogger and because I want to see what is in store for Butchie! ~lol~
Have just the best day ever.

Shirley said...

I think dogs that get a second chance, which is how I see them know what you have done for them, which makes they so loving.

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

I can't believe it's been a year already!. Those photos make me happy happy happy!

TheMistressT said...

YEY Boz! YEY Family! YEY ADOPTION! Our Beastie Grrrlz were both found at shelters using and I imagine we'll use them again when the time comes. Even if you only search a particular shelter or rescue through petfinder it can save you a trip and the agony of having to look in the faces of those that you can't take home.

Bobbypin Bandit said...

What a darling that Boswell is! I think he would get along with my miniature pinscher. He's got that Napoleon complex, too, but he loves when he meets dogs his size who want to run, jump, and play with him.

The most tragic thing has been happening out here in Tucson, AZ lately... People are leaving dogs in dumpsters at local parks or, the worst one, a hiker found a box of 7 puppies while out on a hike. I don't understand how anyone could just dump a dog, or any animal for that matter.

I am so happy that you advocate for pet adoption, especially from a rescue or shelter. It's the best feeling to love a dog... And do now that they love you in return.

Cheers to you and Boswell... And Lola!