Monday, November 26, 2012

Boswell's Bath Time

Happy Monday, Friends!
I hope you all had a wonderful (and hopefully long) Thanksgiving weekend! Of course, no matter how long it is, it could always be longer, amiright? We had a great weekend, I hosted my family and cooked up a storm. Loved it. Had a great time. Ate too much, naturally.

This post has nothing to do with crafts, or cooking, or anything practical, it's purely for my own enjoyment, because this thing that happened made me giggle, I hope you'll indulge me, I have to share.

On Saturday my hubby took the dogs for one of their many daily strolls, they're very spoiled. There's a park very close to our home, which the Mokelumne River runs along side of, we visit often. This Saturday however, Boz just had to get in that water, had to, like he was pulled by a magnet (or more likely, a dead fish!) and hoooboy, did he come home stinky!


Boswell is such a good sport when it comes to baths, he sits quietly in the sink, looking forlorn and humiliated, but he doesn't try to escape, or shake water everywhere, he's a good boy. So good, in fact that I had time to grab my camera and snap some photos. His face cracks me up, so expressive! And normally Boz is a puffball, seeing him wet just kills me, he looks like a tiny drowned rat. What follows is the inner dialog that I imagined from him...

 "It was only one little fish! I don't smell that bad, not enough for all of this!"

"You're going to put this in the internet, aren't you? This is so embarrassing, mom!"

"Really? You're going to make a bubble wig?"

"No mom, I do not look like George Washington."
 (Yes he does! Eeeeeeep! He's so cute!)

"Rinse me good, I don't want to smell like mango shampoo when you're done!"

"I require a warm hairdryer. Stat."

Aww, poor Bozzy! He did get a nice long brush and a warm hairdryer, and he only smells slightly like mango, but that's worlds better than dead fish. A few minutes and a few treats later and he was back to his happy, puffy self! He went straight out into the backyard and rolled on the grass... le sigh.

Hope you got a little smile from my boy, Boz! Sometimes Monday's just require something silly! He's pretty darned silly & adorable if I do say so myself.


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Awww he's so adorable! That face is so cute, it cracks me up. He's a good boy indeed! :)

So what'cha been stitching lately?

TheMistressT said...

Man, that dog is photogenic. Great shots, Boz's Mom! <3

Rachel Garner said...

so cute~

suzitee said...

How cute!

SewAmy said...

Oh Goodness, He is so cute! I am a 'dog person' all the way so any doggie photos fill my heart with love.

parTea lady said...

Yes Boz is adorable and must be very good natured to take a bath with no water shaking or escape attempts. :-)

beadgirl said...

What a cutie!

Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh, he is sooooo adorable! These shots definitely made me smile!!

Sandy Kramer said...

Isn't that dog clean yet? He's been in the sink for over 2 weeks!