Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What A Weekend!


How was your Easter? Was the bunny good to you? Did you eat too many chocolate eggs?
I did...
I do it every year, you'd think I learn, but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.
Ok, so I have a bunch of stuff to talk about tonight, got your cuppa tea ready? Firstly, I spent a great weekend down in Hollywood with Melissa, it was everything a good catch up between girlfriends should be. Strolling, chatting, eating, music, kitty cats, and scooting. Here are a few of the highlights!

My pretty friend. Aren't these chairs a kick? We had to jump into them, they're huge! These are on a lounging deck at Melissa's swanky apartment building, neato!

Oh God what a horrible picture... why do I share these? Ugh. Ok, this is my ugly mug at the Griffith Observatory. Please excuse the horrific picture, we scooted up there so I had semi-sweaty helmet hair, also it was pretty darned windy, and that's a really bad combination... so I get a pass on this one, yes?

O hai, Mr. Dean!

Hooray for Hollywood!

Our catch up was great, and it came about because of a concert that we were very fortunate to get tickets to, The Railroad Revival Tour, for me the best band on the ticket was Mumford & Sons! The music at the show was great! I was not familiar with the other two bands (Old Crow Medicine Show & Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros), but they were both pretty good. I wish I could say the same about the many members of the audience, ew what a bunch! Would you guys believe me if I said I was this close (> <) to getting into a fist fight with 6 dudes?!? Seriously... And yes, I was perfectly sober. Kids these days. You might not believe me if I told you what happened, so I'll skip the gory details. But trust me, those boys were gross. But I digress...

Ok, so there we are listening to the first band, just kinda looking around, and then boom! My spidey senses kicked in and I sensed hotness not far away... what's this??
Well hello there, MARCUS MUMFORD!
Oh my... is it warm in here or is it me?

Unforch, most all of the pictures I took at the concert were complete rubbish. So sad. (wanting a new camera...bad!) But wait! What's this? There was one, and only one that came out ok...
Ahhhhahhhhahhh (angels singing)...

Heavenly. We danced (as much as you can dance when smooshed against several thousand other people) and sang at the top or our lungs. It was awesome!

Next day we slouched around and took a stroll over to Grauman's Chinese Theater, and the Kodak Theater, home of the Oscars, and just a few blocks from Mel's place.

Like a moth to a flame...

♥Mel & Me♥

Later we took a spin thru the fancy, schmancy neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and then over to Santa Monica for a walk along the pier and dinner on the Third Street Promenade. Such fun!

Something else we talked about during our visit was a Craft Book Challenge I stumbled onto over on a new-to-me blog Liesl Made. What a pretty blog this is, Liesl is very talented! The challenge is a good one, and even though we're well into the year, I'm taking up the mantle!

The challenge is simply to pick and make a project each month from a craft book you already own, and share it on your blog. Yes! Goodness knows I have a lot of wonderful craft books that are so inspiring, and look pretty on my shelf, but aren't getting the use and abuse they crave. Here's a way to use these gorgeous books, stay crafty and learn new things all at once. I love this idea!

I'm also going to include my many embroidery patterns as a "craft book" because I have a number of these (which I love!) as well that need to be put to use. I'm starting May 1st. If you'd like to join in the fun, I encourage you to visit this link and read a little more about the challenge.

I've added it to my side bar over there too, as a daily reminder for myself and to share with you all.

Whew, this was a long post! Did ya make it to the end?? It seems like I'm forgetting to tell you something... hmm... Well, if something strikes me in the middle of the night, I'll write to you again tomorrow.
I hope that you're all well and springing into spring!


dosierosie said...

Looks like a fab weekend shame about the idiots at the concert. Theres always one ,or in your case several that have to spoil things isn't there.

lifemyway said...

What a great time! I have to say my husband is definatly jealous. He loves Mumford and Sons!

Melissa Fried said...

Aw, warm fuzzies abound! Such a wonderful time with you my friend! love you!!

Jill said...

Mmmmmmm....Marcus... :)


PS: Okay, next time we talk you've got to fill me in on the bad dude experience. Why do you always have the bad luck in audience situations?? We've got to break that bad juju.

I would have loved to see you take them down though :)

suzitee said...

I'm trying to imagine you in a fist fight..hee's such a shame that some people have to ruin things for everyone, but so glad you enjoyed the concert anyway :)
Love all your photos...I can only dream of visiting Hollywood! What an amazing experience.
Love the idea of the challenge, too, but am already struggling with my to-do list!

Rebecca said...


I wish I was there! Bah! My Cali-land is calling out to me!