Monday, April 18, 2011

Roseville Antiques Fair

Well hello there, you's! My, aren't you looking fabulous today!

I had a mostly fun weekend, and I actually remembered to take my camera and get some pictures of the best part, so I have a few to share with you guys. Most of Saturday, eech... don't ask, it wasn't good. But Sunday at the Roseville Antiques Fair with Jill was fun, fun! Take a lookie...

I love that shelf full of metal bins, I think it was in the ballpark of $600... That blue chest is cool too, I bet it would be especially loved by those of you who do paper craft. I love the bright color!

Heavy metal! I may, or may not have purchased one of these items for someone who shall remain nameless. If in fact, I purchased one at all...

I saw a lot of terrific drop leaf tables at this fair, I especially love this one. I'm a big fan of storage.

Pretty in pink... this booth was overflowing with it. Very, very pretty and very, very girly. Maybe even a little too much for me. But I did manage to stick my arm in for a few pictures. I noticed that most of the husbands wandered about outside this booth while their ladies perused inside. Teehee...

This was the banner hanging inside the ultra girly booth. I LOVE the font they used on their bunting. I never get tired of beautiful, ornate letters. I wish I could find embroidery patters in this font, maybe I'll use my handy-dandy light box to trace one so I can stitch one up. Hmmm...

Ooh, la, la...

This picture was taken on the back porch of a great little shop called The Tattered House. Lots of pretty to behold!

Dig that succulent planter box! What a great use for an old glass side table. It's amazing what a little spray paint and some sandpaper can do for a piece that's no longer "in style". I think this is a terrific example of repurposing.

Eh, eh... do you see it tea lovers?? Those pillows are covered in the names of several varieties of tea!! And again with the gorgeous fonts! Be still, my heart.

Jill picked up a few goodies too, one of which I was in love with as well. It was purrty!

I even got to meet a fellow blogger and FOJ (Friend Of Jill's) Marsha, she's posted some pics too, pop on over to her blog and have a look. The day was sunny and fair, perfect T-shirt weather. Look at this tree bursting to life! I'm fond of spring, yessiree!

I picked up a great little side table at this antique fair, quite the bargain too! I'll tell you about that later though.

We worked up quite an appetite gawking at all this goodness, so after we left the fair, we lunched at one of my all time favorites, Chipotle! Are y'all familiar with Chipotle? I'm a slave for it. I get the same thing every single time.
Carnitas Burrito Bowl, with everything.
It is sooo good.

After lunch we hit up another {massive!} vintage/antique place called Midway Antique Mall. Those of you who like mid-century modern would have an absolute field day here! Walking through that store is very like walking onto the set of your favorite old TV show. It was pretty amazing, I must say. Many of the "booths" are picture perfect vignettes of vintage rooms. There are pictures of some of these rooms on their website, check it out. There's definitely something for everyone there. I kept expecting Dean Martin or Mary Tyler Moore to pop out from around a corner. It was funny to walk through and constantly say "Hey, my mom had one of those!" like every 5 seconds. Made me feel kinda old, actually. Maybe I'm starting to get a little "vintage" myself, heh.

Ok, so that about wraps it up! We also made a quick trip to Ikea, but I'm saving that for another post too. Hope you guys enjoyed some of the pictures, I always love to see where you guys are going on your blogs, so I hope you like that kind of thing too.
Have a great day out there!


suzitee said...

Thanks for sharing Lisa...I almost felt like I was there (I wish!) Now I'm off to check out your links :)

GardenofDaisies said...

OH, I do love that turquoise blue chest!

Angela McRae said...

Oh, how delightful! So much I love here: the "Lipstick" font (I'm totally with you on ornate fonts!), the repurposed table holding succulents, THOSE PILLOWS with tea names ... you did a great job of making me feel I was there ... and of showing me new things I haven't seen a thousand times before. I'm about to finish a deadline project and looking for inspiration for something new, so thanks for "filling the well" for me today!!!

Sassy Marsha said...

Hi ya Lisa!

Ohhhh, I'm thinking, I didn't see that?!? Where was that?!?! Of course when we first got to the faire there was a bit of a dog "fight" and it really rattled me and I wasn't really taking all the goodies in!

It was so nice to meet you! I hope we all can meet up again and go junkin!!!


dosierosie said...

Have a read of this for Font patterns,
I think it is great.

my cup of tea said...

Very cool Lisa! Looks like a lot of fun! I love to go hunting!

Becky said...

I would like one of nearly everything you saw!!! Thanks for taking us along.

Jill said...

Great day, great post! Can I just link to your post, instead of writing my own?! You captured the day so well. I'm running out of time this week... I may have to post about it next week...maybe...

Anyway, thanks for spending such a fun weekend with me!!


PS: Did you call yet?? :)