Friday, April 22, 2011

Bucket O' Spring

Hi All!

So yeah, guess where I'm writing this blog from... you'd never guess, so I'm just gonna tell you. I'm coming to you live from Hollywood, baby! Hollywoooooooood!! I'm here visiting with my friend Melissa, we're going to see Mumford & Sons tomorrow, gah!!!! I'm so excited!

Tonight, I have a quick little cutie to share with you.

A few weeks back, my good pal Jill twisted my arm (hehe, not really!) into joining her in a new crafty endeavour, the Sweetwater Label Crew (you can read more about it in her post here), but basically, each month we'll get a new pattern from the Sweetwater girls, and labels to add to that months project. Our first project was a Spring Pail, an adorable little fabric bucket. I chose my own fabrics, because I wanted to make something cute and whimsical to give my niece, Ava for her 2nd birthday.

Here's my pail...

I joined the Label Crew a little late for this particular project, and didn't get the labels for the Spring Pail, but Jill was kind enough to share with me and I was able to fashion a pretty cute label anyway ♥

I haven't had a chance to give this to Ava yet, but I really hope she likes it. I can just see her carrying it around with all her little treasures inside.

I'm pretty excited about our next two projects, so stay tuned!

Aaaand, cut! That's Hollywood speak for that's all folks! It's been a long day for me and I'm bushed! I left my house in Lodi at 6am this morning and drove down here to Hollywood (which is about 300 miles), then spent the afternoon chatting and eating and sightseeing, we even got to see a production crew setting up to do some filming just a couple of short blocks from Melissa's apartment. She lives in downtown... right on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, how fun is that?? Tomorrow before we head out to San Pedro for the concert, Melissa and I are taking the scooters for a ride up in the Hollywood Hills and into Beverly Hills, so we can see how the other half lives, woot-woot!! I'll make sure to take pictures. Maybe I'll even see a movie star, oooooh!
Have a great day out there!


dosierosie said...

What a great idea, can't wait to see the rest. enjoy your concert.

beadgirl said...

Mumford and Sons! I'm so jealous!

Jill said...

Hollywood and Vine?? That's just way too cool. At least it sounds cool. Have fun!!!
PS: Love your Bucket O'Spring!

suzitee said...

Oh your bucket is adorable! Lisa, you are one clever chickie...and I am beyond thrilled to see your first Sweetwater project. How cool that we are all stitching away together, from such faraway places :) Happy Easter to you, sweet friend xxx