Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moving on...

So it might be a bit quiet around these parts for the next week or so. Which is kind of a bummer, because I have some cool stuff to share with you. I will try to squeeze in a post or two when I can.

Moving is the pits. Is there anyone who enjoys moving? Can you imagine being a professional mover? Moving other peoples stuff around all day - every day?? Sounds like purgatory.

Why is it that when you start moving, the mess that packing creates just seems to get worse and worse? Seriously, you're packing things away, and more things keep appearing. Seemingly materializing out of no where? How is this possible, does anybody know??

This is kind of what my living room & garage look at the moment.

It's been a long week. I've been packing every night after work. I packed all day today.
Tomorrow, I'm tackling the kitchen and the back yard. Monday I'm hoping we'll be just about finished. We'll be living with only the barest necessities until we get to our new place. Paper plates & plastic silverware, oh joy!Wanna come help??? I'll pay in pizza & beer, or tea & scones, it's your choice. Anyone? Bueller?

Gee whiz, could I sound like more of a whiny, sourpuss in this post? Hehehe... I'm so sorry, friends. Moving is a drag. I am looking forward to the new place (fingers crossed - it's not ours just yet, we won't know until Tuesday or Wednesday - and yes, these pins & needles I'm sitting on are rather uncomfortable). If we get it,  I'll be over the moon! I'll even do a house tour once we get all settled in.

Anyhooo, hope you all are having a nice long weekend!
See you soon!


suzitee said...

If I lived even just a little closer, I would be there to help you for sure Lisa! I'd even bring some friends :) Hope your stay on those pins-and-needles is shortlived, and you are playing in your new crafting space before you know it!

my cup of tea said...

Hope you get the place you have planned for! I do "hate" moving too! Seems you always have more than you did the move before!
Thinking of ya!

Shirley said...

Hi Lisa, I have only moved once in our married life and that was when we moved into our home that we built. I had help packing because I was expecting at the time. You don't realize how much stuff you can accumulate. I would hate to move today after almost 45 years in the same home. I will think of you and say a prayer that everything goes well for you on Tuesday or Wednesday. A Missouri Friend.

Angela McRae said...

Hope the moving goes well and that you hurry back soon!