Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here, Kitty~kitty...

A couple of weeks ago I gave a shout out about the dogs in our crazy family, but what about the kitties? We can't leave them out, now can we? Not to worry, I had something up my sleeves. Isn't it amazing how much stuff you can hide in your sleeves?

We are owned by two kittehs, first there's Egypt. Oldest and wisest, the ruler of animals of the Leggett Clan. He'll be 16 years old in March. (Kinda scary to think that in the time that I've had him, I could also have had a child who would be getting his drivers license soon! Yikes!) Then there's Chyna. Full name; Chyna Cat Sunflower. Named after one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs. Otherwise known around these parts as "The Fat One". Ahh, poor Chyna. She can't help her fatness. She's super cute and minky soft. She makes an excellent leg warmer. She'll be 10 years old in April.

These are a couple of really old pictures of them doing what they do best... lounging. Not much has changed, except that now they have a fancy, fluffy, tepee to hide inside of, instead of shoe boxes on the desk. To be honest, I think they prefer the shoe boxes.

 Egypt is in the yellow box, Chyna is in the blue...
Ignoring me and my camera. As usual.

Here's a more recent picture of Egypt, taken just last week. It's as if he knew I was stitching something for him, or rather, in his likeness. I normally don't let him sit on my lap while I'm stitching, flying needles and all that. But this night he would not budge. So I decorated him with floss.
Seemed only fair. He was not amused. maybe purple just isn't his color. He split shortly after I snapped his picture and doted on him.

Aaanyway, there's a point to all this rambling about kitties. I stitched one, or rather, I stitched Egypt... sorta.
I can't remember where I first ran across this pattern, but I was instantly in love! It's by Gina Matarazzo, and can be found in her Etsy shop.

Note the chewed up flowers... bad kitty.

It's true, sometimes my kitties are bad. But they still have their halo's and angel wings hidden somewhere and I love them just the same.

This is a pretty good sized piece, I'd guess close to 8x10". Eventually I'm going to make a quilted pillow with it. I think I'll use some of the same fabrics I made my first quilt with. I have a few scraps, and I still love these colors as much as ever. I think they'll coordinate well with this stitchy.

Are your kitties bad? Tell me your horror stories, I love cat tales!

Hope you all are doing well, and aren't being kept too cooped up or tormented with this crazy weather most of the US and Australia are being dealt. Snow and rain and wind, oh my! Stay warm and safe my friends!

I've been kind of quiet lately, more of a lurker than a commenter, but I've still been reading your blogs, I never get tired of it seeing what you guys are up to.


Jill said...

Hey, Girlie~ Finally, your poor kitties get some recognition! Hee hee! Love those photos of them in the boxes. So cute! Your kitty embroidery is going to look so great on a pillow.

I haven't been posting much either...I will soon. Been more of a lurker. Hey~ we've got to get together sometime soon! I need some Lisa inspiration!


PS: You totally got me hooked on Bon Apetit. I think they know me there now. #17 yum!

Becky said...

Aww look at those babies in their shoe boxes!! Hahah! Sweet. And I love that Bad Kitty piece. Yes, my kitties can be very bad, two of them especially are like partners in crime as they go tearing around the house knocking things over, tripping me up and generally being a nuisance. Five minutes later though they are a bundle of purrs and sweetness.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Lisa! :D

Egypt and Chyna are such little cuties!...What is it with cats and shoe boxes, anyway? ...or any kind of box for that matter!

One of my cats is a fatty too, a 23 pounder. His name is Spunky, but we call him Chunky Spunky, Spunka Lunka, Dumpling Boy...and Land Shark, because he's really nasty sometimes, and thinks nothing of nipping me. Yep, he bites the hand that feeds him. He loves the guys, but I'm last on his list of favorites.

I'm loving your adorable kitty embroidery. That's going to make the cutest pillow! So cool the way you colored in the kitty and the cloud. That's sooo pretty!

I hope you have a fun day today, and give those little shoe box dwellers some kisses for me! Hee hee!

xoxo Paulette

kittykill said...

Too cute! I miss having kitties. Your embroidery is amazing and so neat.

Becky said...

Lisa - your kitties is cuties!

Your stitchery is adorable. Did you also paint it somehow?

Our Stanley Kitteh and Kitteh Kitteh Lovey adopted us just over a year ago. I'd love to keep them in 24/7 and we are moving closer to that being reality. Then the poor moles, squirrels and leezards would be safe!

Snifferooski said...

as usual, your piece is amazing! the chewed flowers are the PERFECT touch! i just went to the local flower store today (no joke) and bought some daisies to get rid of these winter blues, and OF COURSE the my tabby is trying to eat them! grrrrr....

Emma said...

Awww They are both gorgoeous...x

Kimara@weefolkart said...

This is sooo cute! I have a cat lovin' SIL who's catch phrase is Bad Kitty. We tease that it will be on her tombstone! Definitely going to check out the pattern. You did a lovely job BTW :)