Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making Mama Happy

'Ello Lovies!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I spent the day up at my brothers house with my family, lots of good food, hot tea and a tour of the new veggie garden (I'll tell you about that later). A great day!

My Mom cracks me up girls. Let me just tell you about this real quick. Sunday morning, I'm shuffling around like a zombie, trying to get my rear in gear, sipping my usual morning cuppa joe. I quick sit down at the computer to wish you all a Happy Mothers Day, but before I do, I check my email and see this...

from: Sandy
to: lisasteatime@gmail.com
date: Sun, May 9, 2010 at 1:06 AM
subject: New comment on National Apron Day & International Female Ride Day....

I thought maybe I'd get a sneak peek...I Love My Baby Girl! :)

What?!? My mother is a peeker!! Notice the time people! Mom checked my blog at 1:06 AM (!!) to see if I'd posted yet about what I might have been planning for her for Mothers Day!

1.) I didn't even know my mom read this blog, (hi mom!) and
2.) She was trying to bust a peek in the middle of the night!

Sheesh... This is why we hide Christmas presents in our family. She's a regular Nosetta, that one. So, if you saw the little p.s. at the end of my last post, this is what I was referring to. Honestly, this cracked me up more than I could tell you. Three days later and I'm still smiling...

Here's what she was hoping to catch an early glimpse of.
Freshly stitched just for her...
A pretty place to lay her pretty head.
New pillows & pillowcases for my Mama.
Mom tells me that the pillows are indeed very comfy and she loves them. Yay.
I'm happy, you're happy Mom.
I love you very much.

Sew! A little about the project, these were pre-stamped pillow cases from Bucilla, I got them at JoAnn's. The pattern is called Swirl Flowers. I thought they'd be a quick project, they looked quick... but if I tell you the truth of the matter, I started these for Mom at Christmas.  There was no way I could get them done for her then, I'd already commited to too many projects as it was, so I made her this instead. Boy was I glad that I did, because these pillow cases were s l o w  g o i n g. Lots of satin stitch, which seems to take me forever.

 I don't know if y'all are interested in this, I'm always curious about the length of time these types of projects take. These pillow cases have a repeating pattern which repeats six times. Each pattern piece took, on average about 5 hours... 5x6 = 30. 30 hours. 30. This is why I don't do this for money... it takes too long. I LOVE embroidery, but I'd really need to pick up my pace if I wanted to open an Etsy shop or sell in a boutique like I see so many stitchers do... No, no, no... I do this for pleasure. I don't know how all you crafty, super-stitchy girls do it so fast. My hat's off  to you ladies! Standing O's!!

Anyhooo,  I can't wait to catch up on all your blogs and see how you've spent your Mothers Day!


Shirley said...

Your Pillow cases were beautiful. I never keep track of the time that it takes me to do a project. If you ever want to sell it, you can't figure in the time you spent on making it. I don't know if you have ever visited my etsy shop and looked at my quilts. There are a lot of hours involved in those, but they were worked on a lot while my hubby was in the hospital. I am there 24/7 being his primary caregiver. It is my stress reliever giving me something else to think about besides an ill hubby and work. You have a wonderful day.

Beedeebabee said...

OMG Lisa!

These stitched cases are sooo gorgeous! I mean SOOO GORGEOUS!!! Your stitching is just beautiful (like always, I might add!) and I love the colors you chose...so, so pretty!

I'm sure mom knows how much love went into making these beauties, and I know she'll cherish them forever! :)

Your mom sounds like such a hoot, sneaking around for a little peek like that! Too funny. I don't have to worry about my mom with anything computer related, because she doesn't go near them...that's how I got away with putting up her age...I know I'm so bad sometimes!

You come up with such great gift ideas, Lisa!
Even though these gorgeous cases took so long to do, all the time you put into them was so worth it!

You are such a sweetie of a daughter, just like you're a sweetie of a friend!

...stitching does take forever!


PS...I don't know where my first attempt at a comment went, but if they both came through, just delete one of them!

Angela McRae said...

What a beautiful and loving gift! I LOVE that your mom was attempting an early sneak peek. That's my kind of gal!

creation said...

Hi Lisa,
I had a good time reading thru your lovely blog.
specially 35 squares.they are just fabulous and very inspiring too.
I look forward to see your counted blessings square too.I am too stitiching along in counted blessings project.
please do visit my blog some time.
greetings from India

parTea lady said...

The pillow cases you made for your Mom are just beautiful - and she knows how much love was stitched into them.