Friday, April 9, 2010

33rd Square

Woo~hoo, it's Friday!!! Do you guys feel like that at the end of the week too?

Last night I was able to stitch up square number 33 while I watched this weeks episodes of Dancing With The Stars... jeez I love that darn show. Was not blown away by the dancing this week though, except for Nicole and Derek's quick step, I had to watch that dance twice! It was adorable! Nicole is a cutie. I was never much of a PCD's fan... not my genre... but I think I had her pigeon holed. I now think she could be quite good at other things that just that. I think Derek is probably the most inventive dancer/choreographer on the show. I never actually thought about him much until right this moment, but thinking back, his dances are some of my all time favorites. Remember last seasons robotic Paso? Cooool.

Oh yeah, squares! I'm easily distracted...

Square 33~
Return of the grapes! Square, number 23 started out as grapes, remember? Yeah... that didn't go so well. But that's ok. That wonky sunflower is starting to grow on me. I felt compelled to do a grapes square, but I have to tell you, there was a raging debate in my head about it too, because this is the last square available on my sampler that wasn't "spoken for". It was between grapes and a book square of some sort. I love reading for pleasure so much that I'm in two seperate book clubs, if I'm not doing something of the crafty, garden-y, or scooty variety, chances are that my nose is stuck in a book somewhere. I like to read all kinds of books, except romance novels...yuck! So it was a real debate between something bookish, or a lil tribute to the town where I've lived almost all of my life, Lodi California.

Lodi won. What can I say? I've lived here 30 of my 35 years...

Did you know that Lodi is the Zinfandel grape capital of the world? It's true. We even have a Grape Fesitval with a parade every September. The two main high schools in Lodi both have grapes incorporated in their names too. Lodi High School (my alma mater!!) has the mascot of The Flames... which is represented by fire, but actually refers to a variety of wine grape, and Tokay High School, where my niece is about to graduate from (go Ana!!) is named after another variety of wine grape that is grown locally. Even our local bus service is called "The Grape Line". There are grape motifs everywhere you look in my town. Good thing grapes are pretty!! Did you know that Lodi is also the home of A&W Rootbeer? That's true too!

Anyway, this concludes your lesson about Lodi for today, class.
I hope you were taking notes, there'll be a test later!

Have a great weekend folks! Next time we meet, I'll be posting the last two squares in my stitch-a-long as well as pictures of the entire finished project, wow, I still can't believe it's almost done!



Jill said...

Love your "Lodi Square"-- I'm actually sitting here in Lodi reading this! I love Lodi-- always have. It's such a great little town. I love how your grapes turned out-- I especially love the little glass of wine! So cute!

Bossy Betty said...

I've actually been to Lodi! Thanks for the info about it!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Lisa! I love your Lodi square!...I have to keep reminding myself that these squares are just an inch in size. Lodi sounds like a cool place to live...I bet you didn't know that Long Island has lots of vineyards too! yep...clear across the country!...Love your stitched grapes! Have a fun weekend scootin around!
xoxo Paulette ;) ...Kate is still in! (???)

Anonymous said...

Love the grapes!! My daughter and husband live in Fresno, just South of you!!

Did you stitch the outline of your squares first or as you go along??

suzitee said...

Lisa, your tribute is Lodi is just fabulous! Such lovely detail...and so informative ;) I had never heard of Lodi but then, I DO live in Australia LOL. Can't wait to see your final two squares...and the finished sampler! It is going to be wonderful, I just know it xxx

Sandi Butler said...

Hi Lisa,
Am loving 'tribute to Lodi'. The grapes and wineglass are great! (I am having a little glass of wine myself - it's 5:20pm here in Australia) Cheers!

beadgirl said...

It looks great (and delicious)!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Lisa! It's been awhile since I've visited! You've been a busy crafting bee! Love your sweet embroidered squares! Full of delicate beauty! Your Lodi lesson was wonderful! Creative Blessings to you! :)