Friday, April 2, 2010

27th Square

Afternoon Folks~
Thanks for all the comments on yesterday's Mom & Tea squares, you girls are awesome! I'm glad you liked them, Mom likes it too! I just have a simple little square today, a few pretty spring flowers... I love spring, everything is bursting to life in my yard.

I need to get out there and get some work done in that yard before it looks like a jungle! But it isn't going to be this weekend, we're jammed up!

A very good friend of our family is getting married tomorrow, and my brother and nephew are groomsmen! I'm excited to see them wearing tux's! It'll be the first time since Greg (brother) went to his high school prom! Josiash (nephew) has never worn one, then again, he's only 7 years old. They'll be a couple of handsome fellas, for sure! Since the wedding is Saturday night and only a few blocks from my place, my brother and his family will be staying with us so we get to wake up and celebrate Easter together, woohoo! A big ol' family breakfast, and an egg hunt! What could be better? Hope the weather clears up a bit, we could do with a spot of sunshine, it's been pretty grey this week...

Happy Friday!


Jill said...

I love those flowers! I've been wanting to do something similar-- did you cut those flowers out yourself, or did they come pre-cut? They're so tiny!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

sweetcakes said...

I was going to ask the same question! How do you get your felt flowers cut so perfectly?

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Lisa:
Love your project so far! I just asked Amy if this is an ongoing project or if it's too late to join.

Once I finish that wedding gown, I'd love to play!
Happy Easter,

Lisa Leggett said...

Thanks Girls! I must confess, I did not cute these itty bitty little flowers by hand, I used a die cutter :o)

Paulette, from clued me into this after I asked her the very same question. The die cutter is a life saver and just about every die works in it, it's called the Sizzix Big Kick. I got mine on eBay, but they sell them at Michaels and JoAnns too, make sure to find those 40% off coupons though, cuz these babies cost about $100 when not on sale. I love it, but will admit I haven't used it to it's fullest potential just yet, but I have plans... lots and lots of plans!

Happy Easter!

Bossy Betty said...

Sounds like a fun weekend ahead!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hey Sweetie! Another adorable square! cute are those teeny felt flowers!!! (You're just too much!!! hee hee hee!) I have to go check out that little teapot I see next seems I've been doing alot of backward visiting lately! xoxo Paulette