Thursday, April 1, 2010

26th, 30th & 31st Square

Well Hello Lovies~
Happy April Fools Day! Do you have any tricks up those crafty sleeves today?? I've never been good at April Fools day, I've always wanted to play a good trick on someone, but alas, I am not very trixie. Also, it doesn't help that I'm the worlds worst liar. I usually can't keep a straight face long enough to be convincing. Oh well... I TP'd my moms barn in Farmville last night, does that count? That's about the best I could do. But even then, I went straight to my cell phone and texted her, hehehe... not much of a surprise aye?

My stitchy mojo returned last night!! Super-yay! You guys were right, I think I needed a break. I want to thank all of you who commented on yesterdays post. Here I was, feeling all poopy and disappointed in myself about not being able to fill in a few little squares, and along you girls come, and pepped me right back up. Y'all are the best, the very best!! I'm going to answer each of your questions in just a sec, and do some gossiping 'bout DWTS, but first, let's get to the squares!

I'm going to go a little out of order here, stay with me...

Square 30~
Cuz she's cool and she deserves her own square! I'm not the tattoo type, I like them, I just can't commit to any one style that long (not yet anyway *wink*!), so instead of a sailor tattoo on my arm, here's one for my sampler.

Squares 26 & 31~
This one is just for you bloggy girls! A cup of kindness, because no one has been as encouraging and positive as I move into uncharted crafty/sewey territory as you ladies. These two little squares are also my little homage to Mary Engelbreit. She's great. I love her sunny style and bright colors. She's been a favorite of mine for years.
Besides, you had to know there would be a tea theme somewhere in all this thread, my blog is called A Cuppa Tea With Me after all, and I wish you were all here now, I'd get that kettle singing and we'd have a nice long chat out in the garden. Ahh, that sounds nice doesn't it?? Till then, we'll have this little cuppa filled with all my love for you creative, wonderful people who never fail to make me smile!

Here's how the three squares fit together...

Sew! Now for the important stuff!!

Bossy Betty~ Yes, her face is weird!! I wonder if her ears touch behind her head yet?? It ain't natural. Lord, please help be to age gracefully and with dignity (and please don't let my boobs hit the floor).

Jill~Ok, cough it up sister! Tell me, is it Flavor of Love?? Your secret's safe with me!

Jane~ I WISH I could stitch in the morning, I'm always so darned rushed because I'm not a morning person... not even a little bit. I'm a night owl through & through...

Joyce~Thank you so much! And yes, I am hoping to include a Lola square, and a Butch and Chyna too, I'm running out of space though, so I need to get really creative.

Giggly~ A stitching chair! How cool! I have one corner of the couch where I camp out. Poor Sean doesn't even try to sit there... I can't wait to see what you've been up to.

Brenda~ I agree, Lola definitely had the right idea, even though I hadn't stitched for a couple of days, I had been really busy, so I guess I needed that break after all. And yes... I did feel a little guilty (how'd you know??) for sitting and watching hours of TV, I never do that. Ever. I'm always doing something else, the TV is on, and I'm listening, but I'm also doing other stuff...

Paulette~ Thank you darlin'! Yes, a resty-pooh! Decompression time, oooohhhhhmmmm........

Dasies~ You're right! Now I have more ideas than I can fit into the sampler, gasp! I might need to do another one!

Suzitee~ Thanks!! I really like that Vespa square as well, it might be my favorite too!

Yes!! I'm overjoyed that so many of you guys watch DWTS! I thought I was alone in this, honestly I don't know one single other person who watches that show. Common perception among my peeps is that it's stodgy & old fashion... not! Besides, there's some hawwwt guys on that show, hello Maks!! I think I can safely say that we're all shocked Buzz is still around, even after only one elimination. Poor guy, at least he's giving it that good old college try! Kate Gosslin...*blink-blink*...stunned silence... man, she's really bad!! Have we ever seen a woman dancer as bad as her?? I've watched every season of this show, I honestly think she's the worst. Her naturally sunny disposition doesn't help either. I've never seen Tony get angry like that, it was uncomfortable. She genuinely seems to think it's her world and her gift to us to watch her treat anyone she encounters like they're something on the bottom of her shoe. When Jon & Kate + 8 first came on TLC, I liked it, I even thought her needling of Jon was a little bit endearing. That wore off fast, he's obviously no saint, but she was mean, they both were I guess. Takes two to tango. It's a shame the way that family crumbled apart in front of the whole country... how will they explain all that nonsense to their kids a few years from now? Yuck. Anyway, back to the sparkles! Who else thinks Pam is a crack up? She was taking that Marilyn shtick to the max the other night! I think she's really funny and knows how to take/make a joke at her self. I hope she sticks around for a while. I think Evan is WAY out in front. He's such a cutie too! Who else do I like, oh Neicy Nash!!! She is AWESOME. I hope she goes a long, long way. She almost cried the other night, it was so sincere! Me likey, likey.

Ok, I think I've talked your ears off long enough, I'm sure you have other blogs to visit, so I'll let you get to it. Thanks again, all of you for being such great cheerleaders! I hope I can return the favor.

Great big squishes!!


MafiosaGrrl said...

I love your sampler so much! the banner is darling. And those hearts for tea, you are killing me woman with all of your cuteness!

I don't watch DWTS, but I do know what you mean about Kate. I used to like the show on TLC way back when it came out. but yeah, she did turn out to be kind of a biotch, lol.

Jill said...

OMG, your opinions about DWTS are so spot-on with mine, I couldn't say it better myself. Kate's the worst female EVER... and to upset Tony like that. Tony is one of the most patient pros out there. They should have given her Maxim(oooh baby). He'd whoop her a..behind so fast she wouldn't see it coming. She's controlling in a really sick, sick way. I wanted to throw up when she told Tony "Thanks for not quitting on me. Too many people have quit on me." Give me a break. She's so trying to play the victim. I could say so much more, but I'll control myself!
Anyway... your squares are wonderful! I LOVE how the teapot pours hearts into the teacup-- so clever!!! And the tattoo-- so cute! I've been tempted to do a "mom on a heart" like the tattoo on the sock monkey on the Kia commercial-- I laugh everytime I see that!
As for my secret reality show obsession... it's not Flavor of Love, although that sounds like a really bad one. I watch The Bachelor and... Little Miss Perfect. I know, it's sick. I'm just intrigued by the dilusions of the kids and their mothers. The pageant coordinator totally cracks me up, especially when he sings to the girls or talks about "wow wear". There, it's out there. I should be so ashamed...

Bossy Betty said...

So glad I am not the only one fascinated by her!

Angela McRae said...

OK, of COURSE I love today's stitchery! Utterly charming! And so personal, too, with the tribute to your mom. I absolutely adore the way you have designed these three squares, and with the little hearts pouring out of the teapot into the cup. I wish my mind worked that way, but it doesn't. I'm a good copier but not always great at coming up with something original like this! (Oh, and I love your color selections too. You have a GREAT eye for color!)

Alison said...

that teapot and teacup -- OMG. So darling!!!!! What a fabulous idea!!
Can't wait to see what you come up with next. :)

suzitee said...

Arrrggghhh! So excited to read that "Mom" is a tattoo...that was my first thought when I saw it on the flickr pool, but I didn't think I'd better suggest it...thought it might offend you :)
I know what you mean about running out of squares now...I sketched out my remaining ones, and I have too many more ideas! This could be an ongoing project ;)
Your teapot and cup are the concept of the hearts....and count me in for that cuppa at your house :)
Have a happy Easter xxx

Anonymous said...

Love your stitchery! Cute and colorful. And thanks for coming by!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Lisa...These three squares are so beautiful! Oh how I love them!!! I bet you can draw really well, judging by how well you do it with thread!...When I think about these little frames being only an inch wide each, my eyes get crossed! I'm so loving this, and your creativity as well!...I agree with everything you said about "Dancing". It's time for Kate to go...she seems like a hard person to be around...and that Maks is VERY easy to watch, isn't he?! xoxo Paulette ;)