Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little Love ~ A Little Late

Hi Everyone~
Yeesh, almost 3 weeks without a post. I've been lurking in all of your blogs though; I do so love you bloggy friends. You girls are the greatest! My writing mojo has been in a long winters nap. Think I over-posted in January, and lately, it seems like every time I sit down with intentions of writing and sharing with you all, I end up playing Farmville... I'm a slave. It's awful. Like any true addict, I've lured other poor souls into my web as well. My mom and my sis-in-love are now also Farmville slaves. I need a Farmville intervention. Paging, Dr. Phil, paging Dr. Phil... Just kidding. Sorta.

So hey! Valentines Day! Did you all have a loverly weekend with your significant others? Or your cats? I'm not judging... I know there are a lot of peeps who don't like V-Day, but I'm not one of those. I like all holidays! My own husband doesn't like Valentines Day, says it was created by Hallmark, See's and FTD. Built to guilt men into showing their love by opening their wallets... ***crickets***

Oh phooey! Well, Sean's bark is worse than his bite. He's a big teddy bear, he just 1.) doesn't like people to know it, and 2.) doesn't like being coerced into things. I agree on that last one. At any rate, we usually don't go overboard on Valentines anyway, but still, he did not disappoint. We had a wonderfully lazy Valentines day. I slept in lateish and woke up to Sean making me pancakes! The pancakes were good as they always are, Sean is a wonderful pancake chef (I like mine with real butter and strawberry preserves, yum!!). He even tried to make some heart shaped. It didn't work, they were sad little hearts. I think you need a special tool for that, but I gave him an A for effort! The rest of the day was just mellow and smooth. Sean napped, I putzed. The sun was shining, I rode my scooter for a bit, we watched a lot of the Olympics... it was a good day. I hope yours was too!

Speaking of Olympics, did you guys see the opening ceremony? Wasn't it beautiful??

I did make a little something for Sean and I for Valentines Day this year, check it out!
At first I planned for it to say "Valentine" or "I love you" or something more generic. But then I realized, hey, this isn't ever going to hang in someone else's home. It's going to be in MY home, so why not have something suited to us? Yup, yup. I like it.

This was very easy in principal... but not in actuality. I won't go into all the gory details. Let's just say that my new sewing machine and felt don't see eye to eye. And making the letters turned into a whole other kind of fiasco. But in the end, I'm happy with my cute little banner. Do you think it would be wrong to leave it up year round? Sean saw it when he got up that morning and asked me "Wow, have you been making this while I was at work?" HAHAHAHAAAA. No. I mostly made it in the evenings sitting next to him on the couch for almost a week. Swear... that man sometimes... did I mention he's on graveyard shift?
I gotta say, this was a thrifty little piece too. The supplies were cheap-o. I bought and used five pieces of red felt, those were $.20 a piece, and a spool of decorative rickrack, which was $1. I already had the white felt, and the embroidery floss. You got it, a whopping two bucks!! Pretty cool, no?

Did you have Monday off for Presidents Day? I did! Yay three day weekends!! I think I'll do a little show & tell this week to show y'all what I found.

Have great day folks!!


my cup of tea said...

Ok, I need a Farmville intervention too( I can't deny it any longer.) LOL
What a great banner you made declaring your hubby LOVE! So thoughtful and sweet not to mention CUTE! Great post!

Giggly said...

I love these decorations!! So sweet!

Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's! We did too. :) We had Monday off also. A nice long weekend. <3

Janean said...

sounds like you may need "farmville anon!" i never started it.

your valentines hearts are very cute!