Friday, February 19, 2010

You look wonderful tonight...

Greetings Friends~

This is the beginning of a perfect Friday night for me. And my neice Ana is coming over and we're going to watch a movie, yay!

Hope you're all having a wonderful late winter evening snuggled in, where ever you are.

UPDATE: 12:09am... My neice fell asleep at 9:30. I drank 2 pots of tea (Hearthside Toddy & Figgy Pudding) so I can't sleep. I watched Boondock Saints (which rocks!) by myself... and learning the Palestrina and Coral stitches have made me half crazed and blind tonight. I think my book is missing a step in the instructions for the Palestrina. Sigh... oh well, still better than a sharp stick in the eye. oxo~L.


Giggly said...

Sounds like you had a lovely night! I wish I was an Aunt! That would be so fun! Well, I guess I have my own kids. lol That'll do. ;-)

parTea lady said...

That does sound nice, especially the two pots of tea - they sound yummy (but then I'd be bug eyed at 3 in the morning). ;-) Hope you were able to master those stitches and will show us a sample.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Lisa...I can't tell you just how much you crack me up!!!! I love the photo! :D