Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally Finished

Hello Beautifuls~
A few weeks ago, I was throuroghly gobsmacked and tickled pink to find a small piece of my embroidery featured at Feeling Stitchy. Truly, you could have knocked me over with a feather! That piece of Aida with my little doodles was the very first time I'd picked up a needle and tried embroidery, EVER. I was just goofing around, learning a few stitches and playing... who knew I'd become so addicted? So when I checked in with Feeling Stitchy early that Saturday morning, like I do everyday (with all of my favorite blogs BTW, because you people rock!) and saw a picture that I'd taken on my back patio I screamed. No seriously, I screamed and then I shrieked a few profanities because I have a dirty mouth. Heeheee... please don't hate me. Sean thought I saw a mouse. He came running into the computer room and saw me doing a happy albeit very dorky dance and pointing at the computer screen like an idiot. He looked at me and uttered a spot-on Ben Stein "yay" then swatted my pony tail on his way back to bed.

Ahhh... good times. He loves me, he really, really does.

Anyway, after my freakout, and after posting to you guys, posting at Facebook, emailing everyone else I know, and calling my mom, I kinda calmed down a bit and stopped wiggling... sorta. I was positively giddy.

My next thought went something like this... 'Hm... where is that thing anyway? Do I still have it? Sheesh, nice job Lis, you've gone and lost it.' Happily, I did still have it... it was uncerimoniously crumpled at the bottom of my fabric stash basket. I mean, I had a plan for it, it was just, you know... on hold.  Anywho, that wee little piece of cloth made me pretty happy that day and I thought it deserved a better, and more permanent home. So I whipped her up one!

I totally staged this photograph by the way, the weather has been much too crummy to leave all these pretties out in the yard. So crummy in fact, that this picture was staged in a few brief moments of weak sunshine last Saturday while Sean and I hurried to rebuild our fence that had blown down a few days prior. My garden furniture lives in the shed during the winter... I made those other pillows last summer too. They've gotten all squashy and comfortable from having lots of friends over last summer, they're perfect now.
Ain't she cute? I made the pillow case with a pair of little girls board shorts that I found at Marshall's a few months ago for $3. I cut them apart and refashioned them as a pillow case which is fully removable (velcro closure) so I can wash it and switch it up with the seasons or as I wish.

The fabric is real squares serged (did I say that right?) together patchwork style, not just a print of patchwork. I thought they were well worth the three bucks. I even have some pretty scraps left over. I used a cute, teal, die-cut, felted ribbon which I found at Michaels during Xmas for $1 to frame the Aida cloth, and some left over red, ricrack over the top of that. Lastly, I used one of the fancy stitches from my new sewing machine on top of the rickrack, sew fun! This is the first completed project from my new machine which I must say, I am in lurve with. It's so smoooooth.
I'd added a few more doodads since I took that original picture last summer. Here's one last shot.
Thank you so much for your comments on this, as well as my other stitchery. Especially you folks who went over to Feeling Stitchy and left a comment there for me. Aww, I wuv you guys.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! I'll be spending the afternoon making my MOST favorite comfort food in the world, Hawaiian Chicken, and putting the finishing touches on a birthday gift for a friend (I'll show you later this week). Toodles everybody, stay warm!

oxo~ Lisa


parTea lady said...

That must have been such an exciting surprise. You are so creative and I love what you did with your sampler piece. That blue felt trim around it looks great with the patchwork. It looks pretty on the bench with the other pillows. Cute ME pillows and the quilt is great - did you do that?

my cup of tea said...

Hi Lisa! That piece is FABULOUS! You did such a nice job! Love the little teapot too! CUTE~CUTE!

Southern Touch Catering said...

You did a very good job! The 'staging' was perfect too! LOL. Really loving all the color. I know why the pillows are all 'squashy' too. Who wouldn't want to snuggle in them!

Angela McRae said...

What an ingenious idea, using the little girl's shorts as your fabric -- and what beautiful results! I'm glad you did something "special" with this lovely piece!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Beautiful blog with beautiful photos and words.
I do enjoy your sense of humor, too.
Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck in the drawing.

PS. I've joined your followers and hope to get to know you better in 2010. xoxo

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Sweetie! You do such wonderful things, Lisa! and, your posts always "sound" like you had a smile on your face when you were writing them, which puts me in an instant good mood! Your pillow is soooo pretty, I just love it! You're a natural stitcher! I'm going over to Feeling Stitchy now!!! Hugs, Paulette xoxo

Giggly said...

Wonderful sampler! No wonder it was featured on the Feeling Stitchy blog!! It's just lovely!!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

LOVE the sampler pillow! It's VERY cute!And so much work, too.
Patricia :o)

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Sweetie! Just popping by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you gobbled up lots of yummy treats! xoxo Paulette

sweetjeanette said...

Oh that is adorable!!! I love the stitching and the patchwork. Such bright colors.... I love it!

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