Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Crafts Revealed Part IV

Hey, hey, hey!

Oh my gosh - four posts, four days in a row! Are you sick of me yet?? I wouldn't blame you, I'm kinda sick of me too. This post won't be so bad, lots of pictures and I'll try and keep the yackety~yak to a minimum... be warned, I said "try".

I've been DYING to show this to you! I know I'm not the only Twilight fan here in blog land, I know because I've already run across a couple of you... you know who you are... cuties! So this is something I made for Christmas for Ana, remember her?

And awayyyy we go!

♥ Edward ♥ Bella ♥ Jacob ♥ Bella ♥ Edward ♥ Bella ♥ Jacob ♥

Not since Romeo & Juliet have we been so obsessed with fictional (teenage) romance. The Twilight Saga is wickedly addictive. An incredible work of literature? Meh, not really. But, I dare anyone to read them and not get completely sucked in. Not to mention pathetically sodden with one of those boys. Impossible, I say!

Perez calls them the Trinity and I couldn't agree more, so that's how I went about making this project. Three. Three different fabrics representing each main character, three emblems, and three quotes. I'm pleased to say that this design was mine, all mine ♥

Edward... slightly old fashion and formal...the vamp.

Bella...the ever in danger damsel...heart pulled in two...

Jacob...the wolf...muy caliente!

Edward, ever the gentleman from another century.

Bella, frequently dazzled...

Jacob, young, open, honest and straight to the point.

Bella, forever awkward...

This was the first arrangement

I ended up removing Bella's quote to Jake because I wasn't happy with the stitching. I had used a different kind of thread because it was the only red I had in the house when I made that piece, but I thought it looked sloppy next to the others, so I edited it out. Kind of a bummer, I liked that quote.

Here is the backing fabric.

And a little something for Ana...

All together now!

So tell me... Team Edward or Team Jacob? I waver, but I think untimately, it's all about Edward. Ana, on the other hand is totally Team Jacob.

Only one "bad" thing happened on this project, (please tell me I'm not the only one this stuff happens to) when I put the "right" sides together to sew them, I got the top/bottom/sides confused as I put it on the machine. Unlike the Hawiian pillow, this one was not meant to come apart. Ana takes really good care of her things, so I did not plan to make this a "washable" piece. Back to my confusion... I sewed the wrong sides together, aww crap! 

Crap, crap, crap! Hehehe... Sorry.

I still get annoyed by this mistake. I wanted to insert the pillow form into the bottom of the cover, but nooooooo. In my infinite intelligence I sewed the top, right and bottom sides together. Meaning I had to insert the pillow into the left side. I have "finishing" problems. Like I've said before, sewing is still new to me, and finishing a piece always trips me up. I needed that last seam to be at the bottom where it wouldn't be so obvious because it probably wasn't going to look that great in the first place, but nope. There it is, big as life and right there in plain view... nuts!

It's hard sewing a puffy pillow into a closely fitted pillow cover... I had to sew that last side together standing up so that I could use my left forearm to squash the pillow and use both hands to keep the piece straight as it passed under the needle. Is that normal? I kind of don't think it is, but I was doing ok, until I looked down because I was losing my footing on the petal... then this happened...

Big sigh... Well... you win some, you lose some I guess. Worse things could have happened.

Ana really liked her pillow. She said her bestie was jealous, yes! Mission accomplished >:o)~

Well my friends, that about wraps up my Christmas Crafts show & tell, I sure hope you've enjoyed it. I did make a couple of other things that I forgot to snap pictures of, a camoflauge crayon roll-up thingamabob for my nephew Josiah, that looked something like this, a simple (but big) super soft fleece blanket for my other neice, Alex and a "princess" dreamcatcher for yet another neice, Anais. It was so nice watching everyone open the gifts I made this year, I got a lot out of it. I put a lot of love into these pieces ♥

I love that we get to share what we're all doing with each other here in blogland. Thank you all so much for your positive, encouraging, wonderful, and kind comments so far. I think you girls are the bees knees!



Hootie said...

What a great pillow! I can't wait for my daughter to wake up today so I can show her...lazy teen that she is, she's sleeping in due to a snow day! :)

Lisa, I really, really love your design on this pillow. Ana is a lucky lady to receive such a special gift and it's a bonus that you PLANNED that little side sewing mishap. :) I'm sure she can feel the love oozing out of your gift. I'm a bit envious that you made all your gifts this year. I don't think many people have that dedication in them to accomplish such a task. Thanks for sharing all your treasures!

Hugs :)

Southern Touch Catering said...

Who can choose! They are both great. Don't feel too bad, I've sewn so many things backwards- it stinks, but happens a lot! I was making wedding dresses once with velvet bodices and got one part caught in the other- not a chance of just pulling out the stitching! Had to recut the entire piece! (You know it only happens when you're in a hurry or when it will really show!) LOL!!

Stan said...

Hi Lisa

Just followed your link from Twitarded, I love the cushion! Not surprised you want to keep it, I would too! You're very talented :o)


mmMoxie said...

very cute! I can't even sew a button on.

beedeebabee♥ said...

I LOVE THIS...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! You put soooo much thought into making this beautiful pillow for Ana...and it turned out just fabulous! She must have flipped when she opened it!...Jacob is adorable, but Edward is my guy!!! LOVE HIM! xoxo Paulette

Angela McRae said...

My Twilight addicted friends would sooooo love this! And I'm impressed at what a great gift you made for your friend!