Friday, October 5, 2012

October... Already?!?

Hi Guys~
October already? Are you kidding me? I didn't blog for over an entire month? Whoa... how's that even possible? These are the questions I've been asking myself recently, the last several weeks are a blur, a blur I tell ya! Where'd September go anyhow?

There have been so many good things (and some rather challenging ones) happening in my real life, I'm looking forward to catching up here about all the goings on. There are even more great things around the corner, Melissa's wedding is in just one week, eeeep! I've been a busy bee, but I sure am sorry to have left this space quiet for so long. Unforch, I think it's going to be quiet for just a bit longer until I return from the wedding in Pasadena. 

There is still so much to do, and increasingly less time to do it! This maid~of~honor has to bring her A game, yo!

I hope you'll hang in there with me! I can't wait to get to a place where I can spend a day catching and visiting bloggy friends, I miss yas and I couldn't let one more day pass by without stopping here and saying hello, so HELLO CHUMS! How've you been? What's going on in your world? Do tell!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, I made her a little cake. It was extremely yummy, and I'm very glad I sent the rest of it home with her last night, because I'm pretty confident I'd have scarffed the rest for dinner tonight. It was so light, so fresh.  

I do hope you've been well and that you're enjoying autumn, such as it is (a speeding train, a lightening bolt, a race horse). I really can't wait to do some catch-up! In the meantime, tell me, what are your favorite things about this time of year? 
Mine are easy, 1.) The dang weather cools off. 2.) The dang weather cools off.

Oh, I'm such a funny guy!



Chrissie said...

Lisa, you ARE a funny! My favorite thing about this time of year dovetails nicely with yours-THE DANG WEATHER COOLS OFF! I live in West Texas and when the DANG WEATHER COOLS OFF I can breathe, for pete's sake! I am thankful, tho', that it's not been quite as volcanic this year as last. We'll all be glad to see you when you're back, for sure.

suzitee said...

What u talkin' bout woman? It's just starting to heat up here! LOL
Glad you popped in to say hello...I've been wondering what you've been up to! Busy times for you...enjoy! I'm not quite sure what happened to September either? It seemed to go by in a flash.

parTea lady said...

I can relate to the months flying by at warp speed. Still having hot weather here. Your Mum's cake looks delicious. The wedding should be so much fun! Hope we'll see some pics.

Amy Cluck said...

How did the wedding go? That cake is beautiful!!!