Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Swap Part I

Hi All!
Today I thought I'd share the first part of  a Halloween swap I participated in with some of my stitchy friends, my partner for this swap was the lovely and crafty Jacquie of Maffiosagrrl, wooo! Today I'm going to show you the little package I whipped up for Jacquie, tomorrow I'm going to show you what she made me, it's pretty great.

Oh happy day, I love Halloween! Let's go through the package, shall we?

When I was in Portland, Pam and I got to do a little shopping and I found this great little craft paper casket, thinking it would be great for our Halloween swap I went ahead and picked it up, not knowing exactly how I'd spruce it up. Happy accidents being what they are, shortly after returning from my trip I was contacted by a representative of Scotch Duct Tape to see if I would like to try some of their patterned tapes. When I saw the cute colors & patterns they're making these days I happily said yes!

Orange giraffe and purple are you kidding me? I lurve it!

I cut some of the tapes into smaller strips that were more appropriate to the scale of the box I was covering, then I mummified that little box in a very professional style I like to call "willy nilly". Hee!

I left the inside of the box plain, just finishing the inner rim of the lid with a strip of purple. The tapes were really easy to use and cut and I would definitely use them for other projects, there's a plethora of ideas out there, I'm thinking of trying some of these next.

Being a sucker for all manner of buntings I made a couple of Halloween types for Jacquie, this one I made using my Sizzix Big Kick & my sewing machine. I cut loads of paper circles from Halloween scrapbook paper, then ran them one after the other through the sewing machine. It's the simplest way I've ever tried, I for the inspiration for this bunting based on this pin,the original source found here.

Mug rug! I whipped up a cute little Halloween mug rug too, a little embroidery, a little quilting, right up my alley! I also covered some tea lights with the duct tape, as well as some cool washi tape I've had in my stash forever. You can never have too many candles, right?

No fridge is complete without cute magnets, so I made a few little Halloween fabric covered buttons then hot glued magnets on the back. 

Eeeeeeek! A sparkly little sign just because ♥

A dramatic, black fan. Now this is my kind of drama! This fan was an extra from the bridal shower favors, but I couldn't send it out so plainly, so I thought I'd give it more of a Victorian/goth feel by giving it a spray with matte black spray paint. I really love the look of the fan painted black.

Oh look, another bunting! This one says Happy Haunting and is a really neat free printable I found (darn it, I can't find the link! I'll work on that and edit this post as soon as I find it). It has a neat, vintage/creepy vibe to it, and I really wanted to share it with you guys. I'm making another one for myself, I'll show here in more detail soon.

I also got Jax a cute pair of argyle kitty socks, some matching Kleenex and of course something sweet, a big vial of Reese's Pieces, yum! Altogether a pretty neato package ♥ I was actually on time sending out this swap, and if you know me you know what an utter miracle it is that I do anything on time, ha!

Are you getting ready for All Hallows Eve? What'cha doing? 
Tell me all about it!


Jo Ashcroft said...

What a fabulous package! I saw the photo and just knew you had been shopping with Pam!!!! I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEDDDDDDD this swap!!!

my cup of tea said...

What a great swap package!!! Wonderful!

TheMistressT said...

What a great swap package! It's so full of the spirits of the season! What am I doing to prepare for Halloween? Softly sobbing as I polish the bones in the box.

sewphie said...

that mug rug is great! Love it!

Becky said...

I love it when y'all shop together!

I totally "need" some of that duct tape! It doth rock!